• Three variations of the Three Wolves t-shirt meme

    The Three Wolves shirt gained fame after it started collecting a bunch of clever reviews, and quickly became a bona fide meme. Once that happened, meta-memes sprang up around it. I liked the broken images variant the best. That is, until today, when I saw the Three Ewok shirt pictured here! Read More

  • Goodnight, Forest Moon

    In the great metal room
    There was a comlink
    and a Tauntaun
    and a picture of- The Executor flying over the forest moon Read More

  • Working Star Wars AT-ST replica walks, lights up

    This AT-ST hobbles around much like the ones in the movies thanks to some old computer parts and a NiCad battery. It is, unfortunately, not for sale and there are no plans yet to build tiny Ewoks with tiny logs that smash into either side of the AT-ST’s head. Functional Star Wars AT-ST Made from Old Computer Parts (with Video) [TechEBlog] Read More