• Oregon Manifest Bike Design Competition

    Meet EVO, San Francisco’s Answer To The Ultimate Urban Utility Bike

    Every couple of years, the Oregon Manifest launches a contest designed to surface new ideas in bike design from teams across the country. The project this year has tasked designers from five cities to build what they believe is the “ultimate urban utility bike.” San Francisco’s entry into the contest is EVO, a collaboration between HUGE Design, 4130 Cycle Works, and PCH… Read More

  • Overheating HTC Evo Shift Burns Owner

    Overheating HTC Evo Shift Burns Owner

    A Columbus, Ohio woman found that her HTC Evo Shift had branded her after overheating while it was under her waistband. The woman, Jennifer Grago, reported that she was using the phone’s FM radio while she did yard work. Read More

  • Please Don’t Let This Be What The EVO One Looks Like

    Please Don’t Let This Be What The EVO One Looks Like

    Well, I suppose it was bound to happen. Just one day before HTC and Sprint kick off their so-called collaboration event in New York City, the team at PocketNow has gotten their hands on what they claim is the first press shot of the device to be unveiled: the EVO One. The device’s supposed internals sure seem to be a treat, at least according to a tip that Android Central received a … Read More

  • HTC Unveils First World Phone In The EVO Family: The EVO Design 4G

    HTC Unveils First World Phone In The EVO Family: The EVO Design 4G

    HTC has just added another phone to its line of EVO handsets, the HTC EVO Design 4G. While it can’t necessarily match the specs of its EVO 3D cousin, the EVO Design 4G does have a trick up it’s sleeve — compatibility with CDMA, HSPA and GSM networks, making it the first global phone in the EVO family. Read More

  • Evoz Lets You Monitor Your Babies From Anywhere In The World, Now In Open Beta

    Evoz Lets You Monitor Your Babies From Anywhere In The World, Now In Open Beta

    When I first wrote about Evoz‘s take on modern baby monitoring systems, many thought it was a hoax (which I suspect may have had something to do with the fact that I posted it on April Fools Day). But it’s real, and I’ve actually tested it quite a few times since becoming a first-time dad three months ago. In short, Evoz lets parents use their iOS device and the Evoz baby… Read More

  • Evoz: Baby Monitoring 2.0 Comes Of Age

    Evoz: Baby Monitoring 2.0 Comes Of Age

    Very soon (as in: in the next few days), I’ll become a father for the first time. And of course, as every existing parent seems to know, babies cost money. One of those unbearable things young parents need to purchase without further ado, is a baby monitoring system. Me and my wife already bought one, but while we were evaluating existing systems I couldn’t help but notice that… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: HTC Evo 4G For $99

    The Evo 4G is a beautiful, if large, phone, and it just got better: Amazon is selling it for $99 with contract on Sprint where it happens to be the retailer’s top-selling phone. Read More

  • Sprint Unveils The HTC EVO Shift 4G At Long Last

    At this point, the HTC EVO Shift for Sprint is about as secret as… what would you call the exact opposite of a secret? How is it that there’s no proper antonym for secret? Whatever — make one up, and that’s how secret it was. Still, it’s always fun to see things get their official unveiling, as the EVO Shift 4G has. Read More

  • Manager Who Oversaw Evo 4G, Epic 4G Leaves Sprint

    The midwife who pulled the Evo 4G and the Epic 4G through the mobile birth canal, Kevin Packingham, is leaving Sprint effective Monday. He is starting a new, unnamed company. Read More

  • Don't Want To Wait For Next Week? Download Android 2.2 For Your EVO Now

    Disclaimer: You brick your phone doing this, don’t blame me. I’m just letting you know you can do this, not telling you that you should. That being said, if you’re feeling saucy and want to download the latest version of Android for the EVO now instead of waiting until it rolls out naturally, you can do it. You just have to download the update directly from HTC, and do some… Read More

  • Don't Buy The HTC EVO, It Is A Seriously Flawed Device

    Let’s start things off with a disclaimer – I love Android phones. Last year I left the iPhone and switched to Android largely because of the amazing usefulness of Google Voice, and only Android devices truly let you take over your phone with a Google Voice app and have the perfect experience. I have extensively tested nearly all Android phones to date. Around TechCrunch I’m… Read More