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  • CrunchDeals: HTC Evo 4G For $99

    The Evo 4G is a beautiful, if large, phone, and it just got better: Amazon is selling it for $99 with contract on Sprint where it happens to be the retailer’s top-selling phone. Read More

  • Gameloft give a buy-one-get-one-free offer to Epic 4G and Evo 4G owners

    If you own either a Sprint Epic 4G or Evo 4G, and love to game (not necessarily as much as this guy) then you should listen up, as Gameloft are now offering a buy-one-get-one-free deal for Sprint customers. Announced on their blog today, Gameloft are offering the deal throughout the holidays on all of their “HD” titles. Follow me through the jump to see a list of titles, as well… Read More

  • Knocking Off The HTC Evo 4G

    Sure, it looks like a HTC Evo 4G. They got the buttons right, the camera on the back, and a 4.3 inch screen, which translates out to 800×480. And that’s where things start to go wrong. The guts are what really matters, and this is where things get foggy. No idea on the CPU, and that camera on the back isn’t 8 megapixels. There also isn’t a secondary camera on the front… Read More

  • Best Buy Issues Reprieve For Employee Behind Videos — But He Declines Reinstatement

    Last week, we noted that Best Buy was looking into firing the employee that made the hilarious EVO versus iPhone 4 video (and the rebuttal video). The employee, 25-year-old Brian Maupin, was placed on suspension as Best Buy decided what they wanted to do. Today brings some good news: they’ve decided not to fire Maupin. But Maupin has decided not to return to work just yet, as he’s… Read More

  • The Sniper iPhone stand is about as simple as it gets

    There’s the old adage Keep It Simple, Stupid but this is something entirely different. It can’t be any more simple. Well, it could be more simple if there was a kickstand built-in like with the EVO 4G, but that would be no fun. The Sniper iPhone 4 Stand simply sticks on the back of the phone and employs any credit card to jack up the phone. It’s just not for the iPhone 4… Read More

  • Best Buy Trying To Fire Employee Over Those Hilarious EVO Versus iPhone Videos

    Best Buy Trying To Fire Employee Over Those Hilarious EVO Versus iPhone Videos

    By now it seems like just about everyone has seen the iPhone 4 vs. HTC EVO video (and the rebuttal video). The video portrays an electronics store employee trying to convince a person looking for an iPhone 4 to buy an HTC EVO 4G instead. It’s hilarious — like all good humor, so funny because it’s at least partially true. But you know who didn’t find it funny? Best Buy. Read More

  • The Rebuttal: An EVO 4G Owner Walks Into An Apple Store (NSFW)

    Yesterday, we posted a video showing an iPhone shopper talking to an EVO 4G salesman. That video was a little one-sided, depicting the iPhone buyer as a mindless drone who wanted the iPhone no matter what features the EVO offered. Today comes a video from the other side. In this video, also made by tinywatchproductions using Xtranormal text-to-speed software, an owner of an EVO 4G walks into… Read More

  • EVO 4G Root released

    We’d already seen proof that the oh-so-lovely hacking community had already managed to root (read: gain full, unrestricted administrative privileges for) the unreleased Sprint EVO 4G — but outside of a very select bunch, the process was kept on lock down. Fear not! Now you, too, can get all up on some handset hacking debauchery. Well, you can if you have an EVO — which for… Read More

  • The 5 best features of the HTC EVO 4G

    The EVO 4G is a great phone with the notable drawback of its short battery life. But apparently a lot of you don’t care judging by the comments on my full review. Fine by me. Even though it doesn’t have the battery strength to make it through a day of moderate to heavy usage, there are still some serious advantages to this phone over others. Enough so that some buyers are… Read More

  • Walmart feeling the EVO 4G hype, to sell the superphone for $199 sans mail-in rebate

    The EVO 4G is an awesome phone — besides the short battery life — and a lot of people are ready to jump on the 4.3-inch Android superphone when it launches on this Friday. Walmart no doubt wants a piece of the action and is joining Best Buy and Radio Shack in offering the phone for $199 straight-up, no mail-in rebate required. Sure, Walmart might have a certain Luddite stigma, but… Read More

  • The HTC EVO 4G gets torn down to its naughty bits

    The HTC EVO 4G is a certainly one of the best looking cell phones ever created. It’s sleek, sexy and beautiful. Even the inside looks great as iFixit found when they tore apart the upcoming superphone. Check our full review here. Read More

  • HTC EVO 4G for Sprint Review

    Let’s clear the air right away: The Evo 4G isn’t the second coming. It’s not the iPhone slayer. It might not even be the best Android phone available to date. But it is a solid phone with amazing hardware running the consumer-friendly HTC Sense Android release. That’s a good thing. Read More

  • An iPhone Lover's Take On The HTC EVO 4G

    Back in January, I wrote a post entitled An iPhone Lover’s Take On The Nexus One. At the time, the Nexus One was soon to be released as the latest and greatest Android phone, and a number of iPhone users were wondering whether it was worth it to switch for the benefits of Android (and perhaps more importantly, another network besides AT&T). My take: it was the best Android phone yet… Read More

  • Sprint stores opening early on June 4th for EVO launch

    The EVO 4G is coming on June 4th, and you’re all prepped for your pre-launch camp out. Your lawn chairs are in the truck, you’ve got your windbreaker and beanie at the ready, and your alarm is set to have you at the front of the line by the time the doors open at 10 a.m. Go ahead and roll back the alarm a few hours. Read More

  • Quick look at the Sprint EVO 4G: OMG AMAZING

    Guys. Seriously. This is a nice phone. This is like the HTC HD2 with a future and it has some amazing speed, screen size, and network capabilities. If you’re up in the air about the Droid and aren’t tied to a carrier, get this. I’ll do a full review next week. Music by Closely Watched Trains Read More

  • Sprint HTC EVO 4G coming June 4th; new plans detailed

    We knew it was coming, but we didn’t know when until now. Sprint just let us know that the HTC EVO 4G is arriving on June 4th. I gotta have one. Pricing is set at $199.99 with new contract (after you get that $100 rebate, anyway), no doubt significantly more without one. The plan they’re pushing for it will be $69.99 plus $10 for “premium data,” making a total of $80… Read More

  • Hands-on with the Sprint EVO 4G (with video!)

    We just got back from the Sprint EVO 4G announcement, where ol’ Yeller just happened to have a few devices on hand. I spent a few minutes getting to know the device (far less than I wanted to, trust me) — read on for my first impressions and a quick demo video. Read More

  • The HTC EVO 4G is Sprint's first 4G superphone

    Just like we thought, Sprint has just announced what we were previously calling the HTC Supersonic. The official name however is EVO 4G, and it’s both supersonic and evolutionary. Really: This boy is stacked. Underneath the 480 x 800 4.3-inch TFT LCD is a QSD8650 1GHz Snapdragon CPU, 1GB of storage, and 512MB of RAM. The rest is your standard superphone specs with an affair of… Read More

  • Confirmed: HTC will announce at least one device next week at CTIA

    The stars are all starting to align around the launch of the HTC Supersonic happening at CTIA. If yesterday’s report from the Wall Street Journal wasn’t enough for you, check out this line pulled directly from CTIA press materials: Read More

  • HTC Supersonic to be announced next week?

    There isn’t much to say about the HTC Supersonic that hasn’t been said already. It’s big (in a 4.3-inch-display sort of way). It’s beautiful. It’s Android-powered, and runs on Sprint’s 4G WiMax network. It’s just not.. you know, official in any way. According to the Wall Street Journal, that’s about to change. Read More