• Beyond The Street, Bing Will Add Interior Views Of Local Businesses From EveryScape

    Beyond The Street, Bing Will Add Interior Views Of Local Businesses From EveryScape

    Panoramic photos of streets are now standard in online and mobile maps, with Google Street View being the most well-known example. Bing has its own version of 3D streetside photos layered on top of maps, but soon it will start adding the ability to go inside buildings and look around thanks to a partnership with EveryScape. The feature will be called “Interior Views” and it will… Read More

  • EveryScape Raises Another $6 Million For Local 3D Street Search

    Local search is heating up, especially on advanced mobile phones, where augmented reality apps and immersive photo-realistic apps show great promise. EveryScape, a startup in Waltham Massachusetts which has built out immersive 3D photoscapes for 20 cities, raised a $6 million Series C funding. The investment was led led by SK Telecom Americas, a subsidiary of the Korean telecom giant, which… Read More

  • Virtual Worlds Are So Hot Right Now: $345 Million Invested So Far This Year

    I feel like today is Virtual World Day. We started off the morning covering the public beta launch of Vivaty, then Second Life and IBM announced that they bridged two virtual worlds, and Google launched its own version of virtual worlds with Lively. If it seems like everybody is starting their own virtual world, it is because they are. A report put out today by Virtual Worlds Management… Read More

  • EveryScape Takes Streetview Indoors

    The geographical web is growing a little bit more today, EveryScape, which we first covered in June, is launching in Boston, New York, Miami, and Aspen. On the face of it, their service is exactly the same as Google Streetview. EveryScape has driven around each of the cities creating full 360 degree panoramas. However, there’s one key twist — anyone can contribute. Contributions… Read More

  • The 3D Real/Virtual World Hybrid: How Far Away?

    How long will it be until we can stroll through the streets in a virtual world that is identical to our own? Given the state of a number of technologies, not very long. Over the last couple of years we’ve seen Microsoft Street Side and Virtual Earth as well as similar efforts from Google. But different technologies are now being deployed that are even more interesting that the… Read More