Evernote Food

Evernote Is Killing Off Its Dedicated Food App

Evernote founder Phil Libin was succeeded as CEO by ex-Googler Chris O'Neill last month, and the new man at the top appears to be wasting little time making his mark after Evernote announced that it w

Evernote Food Update Brings OpenTable And Foursquare Integration, Recipe Sharing & More

<a target="_blank" href="http://www.evernote.com/food">Evernote Food</a>, the now over a year old mobile app offering recipe search and a restaurant locator function, is today getting an update which

Evernote Supersizes Its iOS Food App: Adds iPad Support; Punchfork Recipes And Foursquare Restaurant Search; And Upgraded Meal Archives

About a year ago, Evernote <a href="https://techcrunch.com/2011/12/07/evernote-launches-two-new-iphone-apps-food-and-hello/">branched out</a> from its core mission of being the place to record your l

Evernote Launches Two New iPhone Apps: ‘Food’ And ‘Hello’

Today at the <a href="http://leweb.net">Le Web</a> conference in Paris, <a href="http://www.crunchbase.com/company/evernote">Evernote</a> is <a href="http://blog.evernote.com/">debuting</a> two new ap