• JVC Announces Three New Everio Camcorders

    JVC announced [JP] three new Everio camcorders yesterday, the high-end GZ-HM670/690 and the GZ-HM450. While the first two models boast a back-side illuminated 3.3MP CMOS sensor (for better images in dark areas), the HM450 only has a 1.5MP CMOS sensor. Read More

  • Testing out the JVC Everio GZ-HM1SU (in the middle of Jamaica)

    Did you know that I’ve had the JVC Everio GZ-HM1SU in my possession for about a month now? Kinda hard to know that seeing as though I’ve never written about it. We’re going to fix that right now. And while we’re at it, let’s kill two birds with one stone. A friend of mine invited me to Jamaica last week—he’s some sort of big shot down there, it… Read More

  • This new JVC "crystal" camcorder is for women only

    It’s not the first “women-only” camcorder out there, but JVC’s Everio GZ-HM350 (announced [JP] today) has surely the best specs. It’s not based on an existing model but rather one of three new full HD camcorders JVC announced today (the black and silver models have the same specs as this special version). Read More

  • 270g: JVC announces world's lightest and smallest HDD camcorder

    JVC Japan announced three new interesting camcorders just last week, but the fresh Everio model the company unveiled today in Tokyo is actually even cooler. JVC says their Everio GZ-HD620 [JP] is the lightest and smallest HD camcorder with a built-in HDD around. And as the device weighs just 270g and is sized at 53mm×63mm×115mm, this isn’t hard to believe. Read More

  • Victor JVC Japan announces new Everio camcorders

    It’s been a long time we heard about JVC updating their Everio brand of camcorders (back in July to be more exact). But the company today announced a total of three new models for the Japanese market. Expect all of these to go on sale outside this country sooner or later. Read More

  • Review: JVC Everio X GZ-X900

    What is the Everio X GZ-X900? Is it a pocket camcorder like a Flip? Is it a fully-fledged video camera? Is it a YouTube-uploading device? Is it a hybrid of all of these – and more? This new Everio is basically a compact video camera that records at full 1920×1080 1080i resolution at 24Mbps in its highest setting. It can take 9-megapixel still images and records directly to an… Read More

  • Victor JVC to roll out new Everio full HD camcorder

    Victor JVC Japan announced [JP] a new full HD camcorder from their Everio series today, the Everio GZ-HM400. The device features a 10.3MP CMOS sensor, 10x optical zoom, 32GB of built-in storage, a 2.8-inch flip-out LCD screen, a YouTube and iTunes upload function, a USB port and an HDMI interface. Read More

  • JVC releases the Everio X: 9-megapixel HD video in a teeny package

    Look at this clever little thing: it’s the Everio X, a 9-megapixel camera that shoots full 1920×1080 video as well as 10x slow motion. Here’s the meat: * The camera is small enough to slip into a shirt pocket and at just 0.66 pounds is one of the lightest cameras that can shoot 1920 x 1080 Full HD AVCHD video;
    * Shoots nine-megapixel (no interpolation) digital stills… Read More

  • JVC Japan rolls out three new Everio camcorders

    JVC Japan announced three new Everio camcorders today, the GZ-MS120/130 [JP] and the high-end GZ-HM200 [JP]. All of the devices, which were shown during the CES, will go on sale in Japan and the US from next month. Read More

  • Review: JVC Everio GZ-MG330

    Pros: Small size. Sturdy. Zoom. Records to 30 GB hard drive. Affordable.
    Cons: Light balance in low light a bit yellow in automatic. Not HD. The JVC Everio GZ-MG330 is all about simple and easy. It’s not much bigger than my fist and packs in a 30 gigabytye hard drive for up to 37 hours of recording in the most compressed mode. This camcorder is so small, that on my way out the door… Read More

  • Everio GZ-MG880: Victor/JVC rolls out another YouTube-friendly video camera

    JVC started selling the Everio GZ-MG880 [JP], a video camera that’s especially geared towards YouTube freaks in Japan on December 5. It costs around $800 and is available in black only. Measuring 53x113x68mm (weight including battery: 350g), the device comes with a 120GB HDD, a 1/6’’ CCD sensor with a 32x optical zoom, 720×480 maximum resolution, a USB 2.0 port, microSD… Read More

  • Review: JVC Everio GZ-MS100 with YouTube Upload

    The JVC Everio GZ-MS100 camcorder records DVD-quality video to SD and SDHC cards and features direct uploading to YouTube. It’s priced at around $350, which places it in between lower-end hobbyist camcorders and higher-capacity hard drive camcorders. Read More

  • JVC announces three new high-definition Everio camcorders, one of which records 50 hours of video

    Good morning and happy Monday to everyone. My name is Doug and I’m here to tell you about three new hard drive-based camcorders coming from JVC. It’ll be fun! Okay, so we’ve got the Everio GZ-HD10, the Everio GZ-HD30, and the Everio GZ-HD40. All three of them do high definition, while the HD30 and HD40 can do dual-mode recording – either MPEG-2 format or AVCHD format. Read More

  • JVC Everio GZ-MS100 uploads straight to YouTube

    The new GZ-MS100 is a 35x optical zoom camcorder with built-in software to limit and convert 10 minute videos for easy upload to YouTube. Sadly, this new Everio doesn’t have a Wi-Fi feature, which could have made things considerably easier for the n00bs. It weighs .6 pounds and records to an SD card — not included — and costs $349.99. It will be available next month. Read More

  • Two HD Everio camcorders from JVC on the way

      It’s confirmed: Two new high-definition hard drive-based camcorders are slated for release in Japan in February. The JVC Everio GZ-HD5 and GZ-HD6 will likely replace the GZ-HD7 and will be 40% smaller. The GZ-HD6 will record in 1080i and then upon playback will upscale the footage to 1080p when connected via HDMI. Cool, no? The GZ-HD5 will come with a 60GB hard drive and… Read More

  • JVC Everio G Series Camcorders

    Product Name: JVC Everio G Series Camcorder
    Description: The new Everio camcorders will come in blue, red, silver, and black and include 30- or 60GB hard drives. It has a 7-megapixel CCD and includes a 2.7-inch LCD with unique touch sensitive bezel. Read More

  • New 3CCD, Hi-Def JVC Everio Coming in September

    Fans of the hard drive-based JVC Everio line will be pleased to hear that a new three-chip, HD version will be available in early September. The GZ-HD3 will feature 1440×1080 HD recording, three, 16:9 progressive-scan CCDs, a 60GB hard drive, and will weigh a pound and a half. Recording is 1080i only, unfortunately, but should still be plenty good for everyday use. I have an Everio… Read More

  • JVC GZ-HD3 Hard Drive High Definition Videocam

    Word is going around about a new 60GB video camera from JVC, the GZ-HD3. The teeny cam will support 1440 x 1080 resolution and include an SDHC slot. No real official announcements, and when CamcorderInfo talked to the folks at the big Vic they said they had no official announcements, so I guess we’ll have to sit on our hands and wait. JVC Shows Off New High Definition Everio GZ-HD3… Read More