What is Elon Musk’s Grok chatbot and how does it work?

You might’ve heard of Grok, X’s answer to OpenAI’s ChatGPT. It’s a chatbot and, in that sense, behaves as you’d expect — answering questions about current events, p

6 great audiobook apps that aren’t Audible

Audiobooks are a great way to bring words on a page to life and fit reading into your schedule throughout the day when you’re doing things like working out, cooking, driving and relaxing. Amazon-own

LogMeIn agrees to be acquired by Francisco Partners and Evergreen for $4.3B

LogMeIn announced this morning that it has agreed to be sold for $4.3 billion to affiliates of Francisco Partners and Evergreen Coast Capital Corporation, the private equity affiliate of Elliott Manag

Wooden speakers with integrated digital clock

<img src="http://www.crunchgear.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/08/speaker_lcd-620x465.jpg" /> A Japanese company called Evergreen is selling wooden speakers with a built-in digital alarm clock. Two vers

Yo Dude! Bust Out The !Tude!

So Evergreen thought it’d be a great idea to whip up a batch of headphones that catered to the now-defunct rave scene. “Red, green, and blue! Oh my!” exclaimed Evergreen’s CEO as he saw the !T

Evergreen NAS is Mac Mini-ish

devices, Evergreen of Japan has made a NAS with a Mac Mini form factor. The white and silver Mac Mini stylings will enclose an IDE or SATA hard drive – desktop, not laptop – and will have