• Gearing Up For CES

    We are sending a full team from CrunchGear to cover CES in Las Vegas Jan 8 -11. See a few teasers on some of the new gear being released at the monster electronics show: a new Hitatchi hybrid video recorder, bigger and better flat screen TVs, lots of white cell phones and new DVRs Read More

  • CrunchGear Reader Response: Festivus Week

    Greetings all, I’d like to take a moment from your otherwise ordinary Saturday to inform you about some exciting happenings at CrunchGear. For the past several weeks, CrunchGear has run a Reader Response contest series in order to show appreciation to our readers. We’ve given away a lot of great prizes, like a Samsung Blackjack, 100 copies of M2 Convert and more. But that was just… Read More

  • Let's Get This Party Started!

    The TechCrunch New York Party kicks off in three hours, 7 PM EST, at BED in Manhattan. The final guest list is here, although it doesn’t include sponsor attendees and press. All attendees should have received an email confirmation of the party as well. If you have an email confirmation but do not see your name on the list, just bring a printout of the email to the event. We have some… Read More

  • TechCrunch New York in Four Days

    The TechCrunch New York Party is just a few days from now: this Thursday evening, November 16. Registrations are now completely closed, as is the waiting list. Adding anyone at this point means taking someone else off the list, so our hands are tied. There are still four passes available from event sponsor Conduit – download the CRUNCHbar toolbar and click on the “Win a… Read More

  • LeWeb3 on Dec. 11-12 in Paris

    TechCrunch is co-hosting this year’s LeWeb3 in Paris, France December 11th and 12th, an event organized by Loic Le Meur of SixApart. It is a two days conference to discuss the next generation web and mobile services, virtual games/communties, old and new media and other topics. Last year the event gathered 450 web entrepreneurs, key players and bloggers from 25 countries. A great panel… Read More

  • Social Media Club Initiative on Blogging Ethics

    I am a blogger with a lot of opinions, and because of that I’ve been involved in a number of heated discussions around journalistic integrity and ethics. Mainstream media defines journalistic integrity as a lack of financial interest in the subject matter of their reporting. I think integrity goes far beyond financial interests; in our subjective world conflicts of interest are… Read More

  • Midwest Startups Unite for Second TECH cocktail

    The second TECH cocktail rocked Chicago on October 12 at the Gramercy. TECH cocktail – highlighted previously on TechCrunch – is a quarterly event co-hosted by Eric Olson and Frank Gruber that focuses on better connecting the local technology community. The second event attracted more than 350 guests: a mix of bloggers, podcasters, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, developers… Read More

  • Register Now for TechCrunch New York

    As we mentioned a couple of weeks ago, the next TechCrunch party will be held in New York. The date and venue has been set – Thursday evening, November 16, 2006, at BED in Manhattan. The party will run from 7 – 11 pm. The venue has limited capacity and we are taking open signups for 450 right now. As always, this event is free. Register for the event here. Additional information on… Read More

  • Thank You For Coming To TechCrunch 7

    The TechCrunch August Capital Party last night was a big success (if you define success as the police showing up at a top tier venture fund’s offices at midnight to shut a party down). Not everything went perfectly, but the alcohol and food flowed smoothly and lots of companies were able to demo their stuff. Thank you to everyone who attended, and thank you David for making this happen.
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  • Ready To Party?

    The TechCrunch August Capital party is tonight, Friday, at August Capital in Menlo Park (map). The fun starts at 6 pm. Additional details are on the wiki. There will be plenty to eat and drink, lots of companies will be demo’ing, and as always Pandora is piping in the music. Wine has been donated from Stormhoek and Silicon Valley Bank. We have a personally signed, limited edition… Read More

  • TechCrunch Party Tickets on eBay

    We are in the final planning stages of the TechCrunch party at August Capital this Friday, August 18. There are over 700 confirmed attendees and the guest list is completely locked down. There is still one last way to attend, however. We’ve put two tickets to the event up on eBay, with no minimum price. If you’d really like to go, you can bid for them here. 100% of the proceeds… Read More

  • Web 2.0: The 24 Minute Documentary

    A couple of weeks ago Michael Arrington got together with a number of startup CEOs and executives to video a discussion about Web 2.0. Participating in the discussion were Aaron Cohen (Bolt), Scott Milener and Steven Lurie (Browster), Keith Teare (edgeio), Steven Marder (Eurekster), Joe Kraus (JotSpot), Jeremy Verba (Piczo), Auren Hoffman (Rapleaf), Chris Alden (Rojo), Gautam Godhwani… Read More

  • Update on TechCrunch Party at August Capital

    The August 18 TechCrunch/August Capital party is just a couple of weeks away. We’ve made some changes to the wiki, changing it from our old provider to a Socialtext hosted site, here. More details will follow, but this is going to be a really fun event. Sponsorships to the party are nearly sold out. If you would like one of the last remaining spots, please email Jeanne Logozzo for… Read More

  • TechCrunch Party At August Capital

    ADDITIONAL UPDATE: The RSVP list is now closed and the comments and wiki are locked. There may be additional openings later. UPDATE: The wiki is overwhelmed and is frustrating people because it is constantly locked. I apologize. I hate wasting people’s time and I can imagine how frustrating it must be to sit there and hit “refresh”. All of those “refreshes” are… Read More

  • Nine Chicago Startups Present at Tech Cocktail

    The first TECH cocktail event took place on July 6 in Chicago at STATE Restaurant and CafĂ©. The event featured Stormhoek South African wine and united over 225 Midwest participants — including venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, developers and tech enthusiasts. Nine Chicago-area companies presented. Pictures from the event are here., the freely browsable database of… Read More

  • The Supernova 12

    Over 100 startups applied to present their companies at the TechCrunch-sponsored Connected Innovators program at the Supernova conference last week. Twelve were selected and had a chance to launch their new products to an audience of hundreds. I drafted some real-time notes of the products demo’d and launched at event at CrunchNotes, and my more complete notes are below.
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  • Conference Discounts: Supernova and The Next Web

    There are two upcoming conferences that are extending discounts to TechCrunch readers: Supernova (June 21-23 in San Francisco) and The Next Web (July 7 in Amsterdam). I’ll be speaking at both. Supernova Supernova is this week and it’s nearly sold out. Save $200 on the normal 2 day rate and $300 on the normal 3 day rate with the codes below. Register here. “TC2” for… Read More

  • Yahoo! Answers launches Ask the Planet campaign

    Yahoo! Answers unveiled a new promotion today called “Ask the Planet,” where celebrities, notables and allegedly interesting people will pose questions that users will answer for a chance to win prizes. The celebrity line up is high-profile and should garner a lot of attention. Questions will be posed to users by the following: Marilyn vos Savant, the holder of world’s… Read More

  • TechCrunch Party at August Capital on July 27

    Update: Ok, tickets are selling faster than we thought. We’ve sold 300 in about 45 minutes. We are going to shut down the list for now and re-open it in a few weeks. After a long hiatus of old-fashioned social networking (a.k.a parties), we’re pleased to announce our second annual TechCrunch Party on the fabulous outdoor patio of August Capital on Friday, July 27, 2007, in Menlo… Read More

  • Two Parties In Two Weeks – Seattle and London

    We’ve had two TechCrunch parties in the last two weeks. Last week a bunch of us got together for a few pints in London and last night we had a packed house at Conworks in Seattle. It’s wonderful to meet new people, or people I know online but not in person. Pictures from the London event are here, and last night’s Seattle pictures are here. If you want to add your own… Read More