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A conversation about digital copyright reform

The European Union is in the process of reforming copyright laws that date back to 2001, as part of a wider strategy to establish a Digital Single Market across the 28 Member States of the bloc, aimin

European Parliament adopts tough new data protection rules

The final vote on reforms to Europe's data protection laws has just taken place in the European Parliament, with MEPs agreeing the new data protection directive -- bringing to a close some four years

EU Parliament Votes Snowden Should Have Asylum On Human Rights Grounds

The Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) on Thursday voted former government contractor Edward Snowden should be granted asylum in Europe on the grounds that he is a "defender of human rights."

European Parliament Draft Reports Back EC’s Data Protection Reform — And Strengthen The ‘Right To Be Forgotten’

The European Parliament has issued two draft reports on the reform of European data protection rules, proposed by the European Commission last January, expressing "full support for a coherent and robu

Sweden's Pirate Party on track for 2 seats in European Parliament

<img src="" />Those of you in Euroland are probably sick of hearing about the <european elections, especially because, as I learned in co