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Microsoft offers concessions to EU regulators eyeing its $26.2B LinkedIn bid

Microsoft has offered concessions to EC competition regulators in the hopes of smoothing the way for its planned acquisition of LinkedIn. It announced the $26.2 billion deal this June.

Google gets another extension to reply to EU antitrust Shopping charge

The European Competition Commission has given Google another three weeks to file a response to formal charges that its Shopping price comparison service unfairly demotes rival services in search resul

Google gets more time to respond to EU antitrust charges

Alphabet (né Google) has been given yet another extension to file its respond to charges in Europe that it has misused the dominance of its Android mobile platform to lock out competition by promotin

Here’s The 3 Reasons Europe Green-Lighted Facebook’s $19B WhatsApp Deal

The EU has approved Facebook’s landmark $19 billion acquisition of messaging startup WhatsApp — determining that the two are “not close competitors”. In a statement confirm

European Publishers, Others Slam Google On “Abusive” Practices, Ask EC To Reject Google Proposal

It looks like it may be back to the drawing board for Google on the European competitive front: hundreds of publishers and publishing trade associations today are <a target="_blank" href="http://epceu

Europe Talks Tough On Google, Likely To Ask For Improved Proposals In Antitrust Probe

Europe's Competition Commissioner has indicated he is very likely to ask Google for more concessions as part of the EC's ongoing investigation into Mountain View's search and advertising practices. Go