Europe vs Facebook

European Facebook Privacy Lawsuit Heads To Court In Vienna

A class action data privacy lawsuit that's being brought against Facebook in Europe -- for participation in the NSA's PRISM dragnet surveillance program, among other alleged data protection violations

Facebook’s European Privacy Class Action Hearing Set For April 9

Some developments on the class action suit filed against Facebook over alleged privacy violations in Europe. Europe vs. Facebook, the group leading the suit now with 25,000 claimants in tow, has h

Facebook Data Privacy Class Action Now Oversubscribed

A civil class action lawsuit being brought against Facebook on privacy grounds by Europe vs Facebook campaigner Max Schrems has hit its current maximum of 25,000 participants less than a week after th

Facebook Data Privacy Class Action Joined By 11,000 And Counting

On Friday the Europe vs Facebook privacy campaign group kicked off a new legal initiative targeting Facebook -- in the form of a class action lawsuit that's inviting adult non-commercial Facebook user