euro 2008

  • Summertime sport helped boost HDTV in Europe

    Sky Sports HD, anyone? The Western economies may be slowing, but the past summer’s sporting events, including Euro 2008 and the Beijing Olympics, have boosted HDTV’s profile in Europe. Both events generated a “surge in the penetration of of High Definition technologies throughout Europe.” So says DEG Europe, which is a sort of HD lobby there that tries to convince… Read More

  • The Matrix? ESPN Axis camera technology brings Euro 2008 to life~! Who here’s been watching Euro 2008? All you English lads, I’m sure, and right from your living room. Anyway, I only mention the Euros because of this neat camera technology ESPN has this year, Axis. It’s a 360-degree camera the network uses to show instant replays. It makes plain ol’ telestrators look… Read More

  • Shock: EA to release game based on Euro 2008

    [photopress:bojan.jpg,full,center] No surprises here, but Electronic Arts will release a video game based on Euro 2008. If you’re English, it’s the most fun you’ll have during the tournament. There will be 360, PS3, PS2, PSP, PC and mobile versions. This time around there’s a Captain Your Country mode, where you can, yes, captain your country, leading it to glory… Read More

  • English goalkeeper blames video games for failure to qualify for European Championship

    Pic via IGN. Duh. Video games make you violent, video games cause global warming, blah blah. Every day, some bonehead gives games a bad rap. Today that bonehead is Robert Green, a goalkeeper for West Ham United, an English soccer team. England crashed out of Euro 2008 last week—hilariously, I might add—and Green partially blames video games. Said the Green, “We would have… Read More