Eurekster Debuts Improved Swicki Results Pages

Site-specific search provider Eurekster is today releasing a new version of its Swicki product that features a set community features on its results and home pages. The free Swicki search widget, used

Eurekster Gets $5.5 Million Series B for Social Search

Eurekster, known for their Swicki community-driven search platform, has just announced $5.5 million in Series B funding. The round was led by Technology Venture Partners of Australia and Transcosmos I

Google's Choice of the Word "Eureka!"

As an addendum to our coverage of Google’s new Co-op customizable search product that launched yesterday – Google officially announced the news on their blog today with a post titled &#822

Hyper-Contextual Search Results with Swicki

Eurekster’s Swicki search service officially launches later today (November 16, 2005). Eurekster, a twenty person company located in San Francisco and New Zealand, has a profitable business (cal