EU Code of Practice on Disinformation

Deepfake election risks trigger EU call for more generative AI safeguards

The European Union has warned more needs to be done to address the risks that widely accessible generative AI tools may pose to free and fair debate in democratic societies, with the bloc’s valu

X (formerly Twitter) is worst for disinformation, per EU analysis

X (formerly Twitter) has been called out in the European Union for having the worst ratio of disinformation/misinformation to posts not spreading falsehoods among mainstream social networks. In a spee

Europe wants platforms to label AI-generated content to fight disinformation

The European Union is leaning on signatories to its Code of Practice on Online Disinformation to label deepfakes and other AI-generated content. In remarks yesterday following a meeting with the 40+ s

Musk’s Twitter gets ‘yellow card’ for missing data in EU disinformation report

The first batch of reports by tech giants, adtech entities and others on how they’re tackling online disinformation in the European Union since the bloc unveiled a strengthened version of its Co

Who’ll get the last laugh over Musk toying with Twitter’s veracity?

Twitter’s painstakingly layered infosphere looks to be light-speeding back to chaotic noise under new owner Elon Musk. The billionaire is no fan of meritocratic signals nor, it seems, a friend t