Five days of Etsy payment processing outages have merchants flipping

***Update to this post can be found here. Those hoping to snag some handmade July 4th cookies and home-made vegan sunblock might have woken up to an empty stomach and sunburn after a serious payment p

What’s next for Twilio and its unicorn brethren?

Brexit. Trump. The Federal Reserve. The world threw nearly everything at Twilio for its untimely IPO. Despite market volatility, the company continues to impress. The week the world met Twilio can on

Etsy’s latest diversity report recognizes gender as a spectrum, not a binary

Peer-to-peer marketplace Etsy has released its first diversity report since going public last April, showing that people who identify as women make up 50% of the leadership and management roles at th

Etsy launches Pattern, a website builder for its sellers

With the launch of a new service called Pattern, Etsy is making it easier for people to sell custom goods on their own websites. Apparently, more than one-third of Etsy’s 1 .6 million active s

Etsy Shares Spike 13% As It Reports Strong Revenue In Fourth Quarter

Etsy didn’t have a good 2015, but it was still able to finish on the stronger side. Today the company reported its fourth-quarter results, coming in at $87.9 million in revenue and a loss of 4 c

Twitter, And Pretty Much Everyone Else, Had A Bad Day

Today was not a good day for tech stocks. Universally, tech stocks crashed today alongside everything else, erasing billions in value across the board, as part of a bad day overall for the market.

Fitbit’s Post-Smartwatch Announcement Crash Marches On, Dropping Another 10%

Fitbit is already not having a good week. After unveiling a new smartwatch at CES last week, the stock tanked 18% over the course of the day. But things have only gotten worse for the fitness trackin

2015 IPO Scorecard: How Box, Square, Fitbit And Others Stacked Up

2015 was not a good year for IPOs. In fact, it was the worst year for tech IPOs since the financial crisis in 2009, with more and more startups opting to remain private longer. Stock market swings st

9 Etsy-Made Gifts That Keep Holiday Giving Weird

I’ve always found that the weirder gifts, no matter how much they cost, are the ones that people appreciate the most. Sure, you could send someone a boring gift card or a basic-ass iPhone case,

Worst Year For Tech IPOs Since 2009

A Square Pop, And A Drop

Square's IPO came in hot, bouncing more than 40 percent in its first day of trading. Priced conservatively, the offering did what all IPOs must do to set a positive narrative: rise. In the ensuing day

Etsy Meets Expectations In Q3, Stock Drops 8% After Hours

Following trading today, Etsy reported its Q3 financial performance, including revenue of $66 million, and earnings loss per share of $0.06. The Street expected Etsy to lose $0.06 per share, off reven

Etsy Launches A Same-Day Delivery Service For The Holidays, But It’s Pricey

Everyone wants to offer same-day delivery these days, and apparently, the artisan marketplace Etsy is no exception. Today, Etsy announced the debut of a new pilot program called Etsy ASAP, which allow

Tech Giants Sign Letter Against EU Laws To Hand Huge New Powers To ISPs

New European legislation which threatens net neutrality is set to go before the EU Parliament Tuesday. The EU is planning new rules it claims will ‘protect’ Net neutrality, but a leading legal exp

Amazon Treads On Etsy’s Toes With Handmade Marketplace Launch

Amazon has expanded its ecommerce empire yet again, opening a marketplace for handcrafted goods that takes it right onto Etsy's bespoke knits. The new marketplace, Handmade at Amazon, went live in the

Etsy Opens To Manufacturing

Taking another step away from being a marketplace known only for “handcrafted” goods to instead focus more broadly on enabling smaller sellers to scale their businesses, online marketplace

Etsy’s Pulling The Plug On Grand St. At The End Of This Month

When Etsy bought Grand St . last April, the plan was to let Grand St. continue to operate its maker marketplace for tech hardware. But that’s about to change. At the end of this month, Grand

This Tiny Apple IIc Is All The Computing Power You’ll Need Ever In Your Life Forever

As we enter the next Information Age, we must take only a few things with us. For example, this ashtray. Just this ashtray. And this paddle game. The ashtray and the paddle game and that’s all you n

Etsy Beats In Q2 But Falls 13% After Hours On Troublesome Q3 Guidance

Today following the cessation of trading, Etsy reported its second-quarter financial performance, including revenue of $61.4 million, and earnings per share of negative $0.07. The street had expected

Etsy Plunges 13% After Reporting Its First-Quarter Financial Performance

Shares of Etsy plunged today after the company reported roughly in-line revenue and a wider-than-expected loss. Etsy, a popular marketplace for handmade goods, reported top line of $58.5 million, ahea
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