• TinyChat Upgrade Brings Etherpad, Whiteboard And YouTube Integrations

    We’re big fans of TinyChat, a web-based chat startup that has been growing like gangbusters and recently won a Crunchie for best bootstrapped startup. TinyChat started out as a simple IRC-style chatroom app to complement conversations on platforms like Twitter, has been steadily building out its innovative platform to include video chat and screensharing options, live video streaming… Read More

  • Confirmed: Google Acquires AppJet, The Maker Of EtherPad

    That didn’t take long. Less than half an hour ago we broke the news that Google was in the process of acquiring AppJet, the startup behind the powerful real-time document editor EtherPad. The official EtherPad blog has just been updated confirming the news. As we reported earlier, we’re hearing that the acquisition price was in the low eight figures. The EtherPad post also says… Read More

  • EtherPad Launches A Virtual Document Time Machine

    AppJet’s EtherPad, the real-time Google Docs-like wiki tool that was recently upgraded to become more collaborative, has launched an uber-cool tool that definitely worth a look. Called the “Time-Slider,” the feature lets you see the complete history of a document’s evolution. Here’s how it works. EtherPad keeps track of all your typing in realtime. At any… Read More

  • EtherPad Gets A Makeover And Becomes Even More Of A Threat To Google Docs (Invites)

    AppJet’s EtherPad, the real-time Google Docs-like wiki tool we wrote about last fall, has been upgraded to be prettier, more user-friendly and far more collaborative than before. EtherPad was the brainchild of former Googlers (who founded online programming tool and Y Combinator funded AppJet) who wanted a real-time, yet group oriented way to collaborate on notes and documents. Thus… Read More

  • Etherpad Shows Google Docs How It's Done

    A team of ex-Googlers, with backing from Y Combinator, the Friendfeed founders and others, have created what might be both the ugliest and most useful group productivity app we’ve seen. Etherpad, a new product from Appjet, launches this morning, and you must try it out. It’s comparable to Google Docs or a wiki, but it’s far more useful. You start off by creating a new workspace. Read More