France wants to rethink the state as a platform

When you think about filing forms and requesting information from various administrations, chances are you get a headache. But it shouldn’t be like that. When you create an account on Spotify using

France To Head Open Government Partnership Only One Year After Joining It

Over the past two years, France has been a leading country when it comes to open data and open government — and it is paying off. Only one year after joining the Open Government Partnership, Fra

France Announces An Ambitious New Data Strategy

After four long months of speculations and political maneuvering, the French Government finally announced that France is getting its first Chief Data Officer. While the name of the CDO is still unknow

France Joins Open Government Partnership

French minister Marylise Lebranchu announced earlier today at the Paris Conference that France is joining the Open Government Partnership. It’s the logical next step following France’s wor

How France’s Open Data Team Is Modernizing The French Government Through Data

A small team of 10 people called Etalab recently released a brand new version of, France’s open data platform. Etalab essentially acted like a startup within the French government,