The future of healthcare is not people versus machines

A digital shift in healthcare in recent years has paved the way for advances in automation, artificial intelligence and even surgical robots. Whether using a virtual human to capture patient intake da

Governments must embrace the Information Age or risk becoming obsolete

Thirty-six years ago, futurist Alvin Toffler wrote The Third Wave, outlining the inevitable transition from a “Second Wave,” characterized by an industrial society, to a “Third Wave,” characte

Google Is Now Surfacing The World’s Constitutions In Its Search Results

Google has partnered with the Constitute Project to surface, analyze and compare key passages in the US Constitution, as well as the constitutions of Afghanistan, Bhutan, Estonia, Finland, France, Ice

Jomi’s Smart Water Bottle Sleeve-Plus-App Wants To Track & Chart Your Liquid Intake To Make You Drink More

Move over HAPIfork. Estonian startup Jomi Interactive is cooking up a pair of smart devices that will remind people to drink more water. Or at least whatever liquid/poison of choice you put in your wa

Estonia Drives Robotics and Coding Education With Smartlab Hobby Groups, Backed By Microsoft

The Baltic country of Estonia -- known as the birthplace of Skype and a go-to market for tech companies in the U.S. and elsewhere needing developers -- is making another IT investment so that younger

Russia Locked In Cyberwar With Estonia

In the first war of its kind, Russia has been attacking the small country of Estonia for several weeks now. The incident started after a bronze statue of a soviet soldier was removed from its memorial