• Musings on the Mobile Web: Commerce, Apps, and More

    Ever since I started contributing to the TechCrunch empire, my inbox has received a pretty steady stream of pitches for new (and not-so-new) products and services. Some of them merit a post, but the overwhelming majority of these emails are skimmed and then deleted. Sometimes, though, I’ll engage the sender in a discussion about the product or service they’re pitching, asking… Read More

  • In Mobile, Fragmentation is Forever. Deal With It.

    Mobile data is on fire. Despite a few false starts, we are now in the midst of a transformative “Open Mobile 3rd Wave” (remember WAP, and J2ME?). We are just in the early swell of the wave; the iPhone itself is not even three years old, and thanks to continued improvements we’re now seeing in smart phones, mobile OS platforms and 3G/4G networks, the raw ingredients are… Read More

  • Japanese cell phones for all: NEC and Panasonic plot overseas sales plans

    Japan, the world’s second largest economy with the third biggest Internet population, and the many, many early adopters of technology inhabiting this nation could be heaven for the domestic cell phone industry. And it was for years, until sales started slowing dangerously (minus 30% last fiscal year), and the overall population is poised to shrink and age dramatically in the… Read More

  • Best Buy Black Friday VIP winners announced: Lots of strange ‘I love shopping!’ essays

    Best Buy had some sort of Black Friday VIP contest going on where the chain invited people to send in their best Black Friday essay. I know. The winners get a $1,000 Best Buy gift card, a trip to a store in a limo, the opportunity to buy up to four “doorbusters,” and so on. I’ve picked out a few excerpts that may interest you. Read More

  • Tales of a teenage Christian robot

    John Brownlee at BBG has written one of the most compelling posts of the past forty five minutes to an hour. His essay, essentially recounting his starring role as a Christian robot in a school play and the heart-stoppingly horrible explanation he received from his teacher regarding sentient robots is well worth the read. Read More

  • Have way too much money? Buy a Dior phone!

    If you’re on the market for a phone that costs more than a down payment on a Honda and does nothing other phones can’t, luxury clothing retailer Christian Dior has the phone for you! Jumping on the mobile bandwagon with rival luxury lines Prada, TAG Heuer, and Dolce & Gabana , Dior has announced their own cellular offering. With the base price of the phone set at around… Read More

  • Video coming to Sidekick LX/Slide?

    In the above screenshot of this help page, T-mobile is kindly helping visitors figure out how to navigate through their Sidekick LX’s menus to determine how much memory is available for pictures and videos. Thing is, the Sidekick LX doesn’t support videos at this point. Nor does the Sidekick Slide, which now has a similar mention of video on its help page. While it could well be… Read More

  • Human Hearing Basis for Audience’s Voice Processor

    Whether you believe in evolution or creationism, it is hard for technology to beat the natural world when it comes to design and function. Often it is best to study nature and try to emulate its wonders. That’s what Audience has been doing for its voice processor that can be found in NTT DoCoMo’s new mobile phone, Sharp SH705iII. Audience created the A1010 Voice Processor and based… Read More

  • Some guy says cellphones and other closed devices ruining the Internet

    According to Jonathan Zittrain, the Internet is being locked down by unhackable devices. In a Reuters interview, Zittrain, an Internet law expert, believes that devices like the iPhone and PCs are changing the way people use and “hack” the Internet, reducing our freedom while stealing from us the opportunity to create new and novel applications. He calls them “tethered… Read More