• Esquire magazine e-ink cover splayed on video Right around 2 weeks ago, MAKE Magazine posted pictures documenting the tear down of Esquire magazine’s fully functional e-ink cover. If you haven’t managed to track down one of these increasingly tough to find rags (or if you… Read More

  • Make dissects the E-Ink Esquire

    All right, show of hands: How many of you people have already done this? If I could have gotten my hands on one, I know I would have already torn it to pieces, but we’re not all wired that way. At any rate MAKE sure is and they’ve taken pictures of the whole process so you don’t have to. Anyone else disappointed by this so-called “display”? The… Read More

  • Esquire's upcoming 75th Anniversary e-ink cover begs to be hacked, deputy editor condones it!

    BBG’s interpretation of the upcoming cover Joel over at BBG has a great interview with deputy editor Peter Griffin from Esquire and I’m excited to see the e-ink cover for the 75th anniversary issue that hits stands this October. Griffin divulges that Ford’s advertisement for the Flex crossover SUV on the inside cover defrayed a good chunk of the cost to Hearst, so we… Read More

  • Esquire Magazine integrating digital cover, forgets how to count

    “The 21st Century Begins Now”, according to David Granger, Esquire’s editor in chief. At least that’s what the magazine cover will flash at newsstands in September. Read More