Unicorn layoffs keep piling up as the economy gets worse

Earlier today a grip of new data presented a sharply negative picture of the American economy. And this afternoon, news broke that a trio of well-known, heavily-backed unicorns were cutting staff. Wit

eShares raises $42 million to manage equity compensation and investments

eShares wants to be the platform for all things equity. From cap table management to secondary transactions, eShares’ software helps businesses like Slack, Flexport and Funding Circle keep tabs

eShares puts the screws to 409A valuation firms

Every startup that gives employees option grants has to comply with 409A, a section of the U.S. tax code that was established in late 2004 and basically states that a company has to pay tax on some of

EShares, Now Valued At $77 Million, Looks Far Beyond Silicon Valley

EShares digitizes paper stock certificates along with stock options, warrants, and derivatives to create a real-time picture of who owns what at a startup. It also makes it far simpler to transfer own

eShares Shows Startup Employees All Their Stock And Options In One Place

In today’s startup environment, it’s become standard operating procedure for stock options to be counted as part of an employee’s overall compensation. And yet, most startup employee

eShares Tackles The Headache Of Startup Valuations By Offering “409A-As-A-Service”

<a target="_blank" href="">eShares</a>, a company trying to <a href="">replace paper records for stock options and shares</a>, has expan

eShares Now Offers Electronic Stock Options And Real-Time Cap Table Updates For Private Companies

When we last checked in with eShares, the company had just launched its platform for issuing and managing electronic stock, rather than paper certificates, to employees, investors, and other sharehold