• Follow The Rosetta Space Mission To Land On A Comet

    Follow The Rosetta Space Mission To Land On A Comet

    The European Space Agency is in the midst of attempting a first of its kind space mission: to land a probe on a comet. You can follow the lander’s progress via the ESA live blog. Read More

  • Forget 3D-Printed Buildings, The European Space Agency Is Exploring 3D-Printed Moon Bases

    Forget 3D-Printed Buildings, The European Space Agency Is Exploring 3D-Printed Moon Bases

    There’s already been plenty of talk about 3D printing entire buildings, but those ambitions may not remain strictly earthbound for too long. According to a new report from, the European Space Agency and partners from London-based architecture firm Foster + Partners have begun to explore the feasibility of 3D printing a life-sustaining base on the lunar surface. Read More

  • Fantastic European Space Agency photo shows light from the time of the Big Bang

    Oh, the joy this photo brings me. It was taken by the European Space Agency’s Planck telescope over the period of a year, and it shows, among other treasures, some of the oldest light in the universe. We’re talking light from right around the time of the Big Bang, light that’s 13.7 billion years old. I dare you to look at this and not be completely amazed. Read More

  • The European Space Agency wants to extend the ISS's life until 2020

    Believe it or not, the current plan for the International Space Station is to abandon it in 2015 and let it crash into the atmosphere in 2016. Sad, right? But the ESA wants to keep it flying for a few more years to allow more scientist access to the zero-gravity labs. Read More

  • New European IXV re-entry vehicle to traverse "l'espace"

    The European Space Agency has been working on a new re-entry vehicle, but unlike NASA is not interested in a reusable shuttle-like approach. They’re planning on having an “expendable” re-entry vehicle, and although they probably could have chosen their words better, it makes a lot of sense to have parts that can be completely expended during the unbelievably dangerous… Read More

  • Officially official: The real E3 is coming back next year

    It was rumored for a few days but now it’s official: the E3 we all know and love is coming back next year. While the Entertainment Software Association says pretty much anyone will be allowed to attend, E3 2009 won’t suffer from the excess that plagued previous expos. Journalists will still be able to meet publishers behind closed doors without having to stand next to strippers… Read More

  • Norwegian teen wins contest to send MP3s into space

    In order to promote its Automated Transfer Vehicle (ATV), the European Space Agency held a contest last summer. The rules were simple; send in a playlist of ten songs to load onto an MP3 player that the un-manned ATV would fly up to astronauts aboard the International Space Station. Therese Miljeteig, a 14-year-old from Norway, won the competition with this playlist… Read More

  • Your Mom, ESA Is Very Upset

    <img src=" for the world's children. Kotaku's response, to their credit, was go to hell. The letter is reproduced below, just to get in a little extra blog juice Read More