Former Lolapps Engineers Launch Rollbar, An Error-Tracking Platform For Developers That Has A Sense Of History

<a target="_blank" href="">Rollbar</a> (formerly, an error tracking product for developers, is launching its product out of a beta today, following nine months of privat

Remember when I was all like "The iPad does Flash?" Yeah. Well. No.

Yes, I knew Apple would never add Flash. Yes, I knew it was probably an accident that they showed Flash. But Apple, as we see, does nothing without running it past a vat full of lawyers. That they sho

"Solve a problem with Windows 7 beta" actually works?

<img src="" />As a long time Windows user, I normally consider their pop up messages offering to help me with my error to be less than

Fixing iPod/iPhone error 13213

Looks like there’s a bit of a bug in iTunes 8, with fairly widespread reports of iPhone syncing errors. After waking up this morning to a dead iPhone, I plugged it in for a quick blast of juice.

Halo 3 Causes Xbox Live To Crap Out

“GODDAMNIT BRO, XBOX LIVE WON’T LET ME LOG ON! WTF.” According to the official Xbox forums, lots of gamers have been experiencing outages on Xbox Live following the Halo 3 launch. Co