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If you took the photos and videos out of pornography, could it appeal to a new audience? Caroline Spiegel’s first startup Quinn aims to bring some imagination┬áto adult entertainment. Her older

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Pornhub, a website dedicated to the distribution of pornographic videos, is onto all you porn lovers and your sexy, sneaky ways. In a nearly catastrophically complete year-in-review post, the company

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At 69.4 million blogs and nearly 30 billion posts to date, the rush of growth at blogging site <a target="_blank" href="">Tumblr</a> has <a target="_blank" href="

PayPal Updates Erotica Policy: Target Is Specific Books With Obscene Images, Not Just Words

This just in... As we reported it would do yesterday, PayPal has today issued a significant update to its acceptable use policy regarding payments for certain erotica-themed e-books. Now the eBay-o

Is PayPal Preparing To Reverse Its Erotica E-book Stance? The EFF Has A ‘Good Feeling’

A development in the ongoing story about PayPal and requirements it made on e-book distributors to remove certain kinds of erotica from their catalogs: there are signs the eBay-owned company could be