Transactional Big Data Startup ERN Raises Another $1M As It Sets Targets On Asia

In what feels like an ever so slightly protracted seed round, fintech startup <a target="_blank" href="">ERN</a> has raised a further $1 million in seed funding, bringing the

Transactional Big Data Startup ERN Bolsters Its Analytics By Acquiring Elucidata, Inspired Analytics

<a target="_blank" href="">ERN</a>, the London-headquartered startup that’s planning to use Big Data to enable banks and merchants to create loyalty-based offers for cardhold

ERN Raises Further $1.6M To Use Big Data To Help Banks And Merchants Push Loyalty-Based Offers

BIG DATA costs big bucks. Perhaps then, it should be no surprise to see <a target="_blank" href="">ERN</a>, the London-based startup that's planning to use Big Data to enable

ERN Raises $2M For Its Big Data Play Aimed At Banks And Merchants Who Want To Profit From Customer Loyalty

Another day, <a href="">another</a> BIG DATA play. UK-based <a title="ERN" target="_blank" href="">ERN</a>, a Big Data startup targe