Eric Ries

In Eric Ries’ new book, he tells companies to turn every unit into a cash-strapped ‘startup’

All companies are startups until they aren’t. Many struggle to find their way back, too. It’s not the days of constrained resources or terrible pay or the heart-stopping uncertainty that t

Kanye West’s ‘The Life of Pablo’ is the first SaaS album

Kanye West dropped a new album, sort of. It’s not really finished yet - he’s still publicly tweaking lyrics, arranging the song order, adding and subtracting material. In the technology industry,

Pivotal Teams With Lean Startup Founder Eric Ries To Help Big Companies Get More Innovative

Pivotal, the company launched by EMC, VMware and GE to help companies in their quest for digital transformation, announced today that it was bringing in Eric Ries, the man behind the Lean Startup move

ArtLifting Raises $1.1 Million To Help The Homeless Sell Their Art

ArtLifting, an online art marketplace for homeless, disabled and other disadvantaged people to sell their artwork, recently raised a $1.1 million seed round from Toms Shoes founder Blake Mycoskie, ang

Shopify Teams Up With Tim Ferriss, Eric Ries, FUBU Founder To Help You Build A $1M eCommerce Biz

According to the Interactive Media In Retail Group, global eCommrece sales will surpass $1.25 trillion by 2013. As eCommerce continues to explode, <a target="_blank" href="">Sho

(Founder Stories) Houston On Pitching Dropbox: “Tom Cruise In Minority Report Is Not Carrying Around A Thumb Drive”

<a href="">Dropbox</a> co-founder, <a href="">Drew Houston</a> recently sat down with TechCrunch Editor, <a hr

(Founder Stories) Eric Ries: How Lean Was The Google+ Launch?

In the final episode of <a href="">Chris Dixon's</a> interview with <em>The Lean Startup</em> author <a href="

(Founder Stories) Eric Ries Tells Lean Startups: “Stop The Line So That The Line Never Stops”

In part III of <a href="">Chris Dixon's</a> <a href="">Founder Stories</a> interview with <a href="http://w

(Founder Stories) Eric Ries: On “Vanity Metrics” And “Success Theater”

Resuming their conversation from <a href="">episode I</a>, Chris Dixon asks <em>Lean Startup</em> author Eric Ries to of

(Founder Stories) Eric Ries: Missing The Bullseye Made The Lean Startup

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Instagram And Intuit Founders Discuss Lean Startups, Pivots, And What Makes A Product Successful

Today at TechCrunch Disrupt, Founder of Intuit Scott Cook, writer and former CTO at IMVU Eric Ries, and Instagram Co-founder Kevin Systrom gathered to discuss concepts from Ries' new book, <a href="ht