Apple’s Jeff Bigham, disability rights lawyer Haben Girma, author Sara Hendren and more to join Sight Tech Global

The other day we announced the first ten sessions for Sight Tech Global, a virtual event Dec. 2-3 that is convening the world’s top technologists to discuss how AI-based technologies are revolut

Amazon’s Josh Miele and Anne Toth talk Alexa and the future of accessibility at Sight Tech Global

When Alexa launched six years ago, no one imagined that by today there would be hundreds of millions of Alexa-enabled devices or that Alexa would become part of so many lives. For people who are blind

Body scanning system 3DLOOK raises $1 million to measure your corpus

3D body scanning systems have hit the big time after years of stops and starts. Hot on the heels of Original Stitch’s Bodygram, another 3D scanner, 3DLOOK, has entered into the fray with a $1 mi

For Apple, this year’s Global Accessibility Awareness Day is all about education

Following Apple’s education event in Chicago in March, I wrote about what the company’s announcements might mean for accessibility. After sitting in the audience covering the event, the big takea

Reminder: Please use your laptop ergonomically

Flickr’d Oh man, the Wall Street Journal sure is concerned about your Health and Well-being. It seems that laptop sales have, for the first time in recorded history, have overtaken desktop sales

Webble: Something you put your feet on

This thing does look cool but I’m not sure the theory is sound. You essentially put your feet on it and roll it around under your desk while you work, encouraging circulation and wellness. BBG s

The Hip Office: Hip isn't an adjective here, people

[photopress:stretch.jpg,full,center] Monotonous sitting in front of computer provokes serious health damages! Yes it does! Or so says, er, somebody at HK-Ergonomics, the pastel-colored manufacturer of

Steelcase Worst Workspace Challenge Update

Yes! Scorcese won. Justice is served! Ahem. Sorry about that. I just wanted to give you all one final update about The Steelcase Worst Workspace Challenge. We’re closing the contest at 12 noon,

Steelcase Worst Workspace Challenge Update

After five days of worst workspaces, we’re ready to admit that your work environments are worse than our wildest dreams. Holy crap. Your mothers would be disappointed in most of you. It’s

Steelcase Worst Workspace Challenge Update [NOW WITH PICTURES]

We’ve entered day four of the Steelcase Worst Workspace Challenge. Lots of entries so far and we’ve seen some total disaster areas. You all continue to impress with your complete disregard

Steelcase Worst Workspace Challenge Update

Ugh. Mardi Gras is over, but my hang over is just beginning. Lots of drunken festivities were had. You can see my photos at my Flickr page. Anyway, quick update about The Steelcase Worst Workspace Cha

The Steelcase Worst Workspace Challenge

Happy Mardi Gras everybody. I’ve pried myself away from our drunken debauchery for a moment to give you an update on our Steelcase Worst Workspace Challenge. First of all, let me make some clari

The Steelcase Worst Workspace Challenge

Tomorrow is Mardi Gras and I’m preparing to drink myself into sweet oblivion. Before I go, however, I must take a moment to tell you about our exciting new contest, The Steelcase Worst Workspace

Workspace Roundup: Ergonomic Chairs

As techies, there are few components that affect us more so than our chairs. Sitting in a chair for countless hours every day has a notable impact on our bodies. A crappy chair can cause immediate dur

Natural Wireless Laser Mouse 6000, Microsoft's Crazy Looking New Mouse

Everything USB has a review of the new Natural Wireless Laser Mouse 6000 from Microsoft. Aside from using a fancy new LAAAAZER BEAM engine, the mouse offers a new ergonomic design that is said to redu