LG sort of shows off a solar-powered ebook reader, but not really

<img src="" />Let's talk about the word "unveiled" on gadget sites. Unveiled is a weasel world. It means "revealed" and suggests that

Rumor: Android will power Barnes & Noble's eReader

<img src="">With the success of the <a href="">Kindle</a> clear, it's no surprise

Live at the Barnes and Noble Irex DR 800SG launch

Nicholas is live at the Barnes & Noble Irex reader event and will report back what he’s seeing including, but not limited to, information on the e-reader. Watch this post for more details as

Time Inc. wants a Kindle-alike

<img src="" />Is this what <a href="">Peter

How Sony can beat the Kindle, provided it can find its shoes and its glasses after it wakes up

<img src="" /><a HREF="">Farhad Manjoo</a> has a nice "what-if" story up on Slate

Live at the Sony Daily Edition eReader announcement

You’ve been waiting for it. You’ve been talking about it. You’ve sent long, rambling letters to Jodie Foster about it. You’ve been calling your local Congresswoman about it: It

IREX eReader clinches Barnes & Noble eBookstore

IREX’s 8.1-inch touchscreen eReader is set to launch later this year and today they’ve announced that Barnes & Noble will be providing more than 750,000 titles when it hits the market. That is

Google drops more than one million public domain books for Sony's eBook store

I’m just curious to know if anyone in the CG audience has either of Sony’s eReaders: PRS-505 or PRS-700. Enjoy those classics!

CrunchDeals: $170 Ectaco eBook Reader to smash in the faces of smug Kindle owners

<img src="" /> <a href="">Dealnews</a> h

Plastic Logic's eReader re-emerges at D with an interface and 3G

<img src="" />It's been more than six months since we've seen hide or hair of the <a href="

Google opens up Google Books to Sony's eReader

<img src="" alt="" />Sony and Google’s tag-team tactics might not hurt Amazon and its Kindle reader, but this is certainly a s

More info on Plastic Logic's eReader

I was just talking in the podcast about how much I’d prefer Plastic Logic’s slick eReader as an alternative to the Kindle. Well, my post last month had little more than some announcement i

HP eBook Reader: Watch Out, Sony, HP is After Your Five Customers! This is essentially a prototype HP eReader introduced last week in Shanghai but clearly someone else besides big S is thinking about electroni

Sony eReader In the Wild

Phil Torrone from Make got his hands on a Sony eReader, then proceeded to take some pictures of it instead of using it to read. In any case, it actually looks pretty decent, and dare we say it, usable