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Houdini Aims To Solve The Crucial Quality Question That Comes With Using Amazon’s Mechanical Turk

We’ve all been there — sometimes there’s work that needs to be done, but it’s too tedious or too time-consuming to devote your own resources to. Services like Amazon’s Mechanical Turk have p

TechCrunch’s Picks From The ERA Demo Day In New York

We're here at the ERA Demo Day in New York City, set to bring you the latest and greatest new startups to launch out of the program. In case you're unfamiliar, ERA stands for Entrepreneurs' Roundtable

Your Table Is Ready: BuzzTable Makes The Restaurant Wait List Suck Less

You've been there before. You show up with your friends at a restaurant, but lo and behold, there are no tables available. You have to wait. Countless couples, trios, foursomes are called before you.