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Energy-saving Bitcoin rival Chia raises from A16Z, plans mini-IPO

Bram Cohen invented torrenting. Now he’s building a cryptocurrency called Chia that doesn’t waste electricity like Bitcoin, and top investors are lining up. Chia has just raised a $3.395 m

Indiegogo now lets you fund via token sale

Crowdfunding service and Kickstarter-competitor Indiegogo is now offering an ICO service alongside its partner, MicroVentures. The company will allow users to participate in SEC-complaint ICOs and, li

70 years of VC innovation

How old is venture capital? Probably as old as the first hunter/gatherer. Yet, until the mid-20th century, it was mostly practiced by wealthy individuals and families. Modern VC was initiated by Frenc

Ding’s ‘smart enough’ doorbell raises $345k+ on Seedrs

Ding, a London-based hardware startup, has raised more than £263,000 (~$345k) via the Seedrs equity crowdfunding platform as it works to get its first product -- a wi-fi connected doorbell -- to mark

Dubuc Motors gets SEC approval for equity crowdfunding

Dubuc Motors, makers of the Tomahawk all-electric supercar prototype, recently announced that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) had approved its filing for equity crowdfunding under the US

Entoro Group acquires Offerboard, a platform for soliciting investments in private businesses

Entoro Group today announced that it has acquired OfferBoard, a company that removes barriers from the process of raising capital. OfferBoard isn’t AngelList nor FundersClub. It’s a platf

New equity crowdfunding platform GrowthFountain launched today

There's no shortage of equity crowdfunding sites out there, but GrowthFountain thinks it has the special sauce to cut through the mayhem by thinking close to home. Focusing on investors local (or at l

Sondors 3-wheeled EV uses new crowdfunding equity to raise $500k

The Model Sondors 3-wheeled electric vehicle is the latest automotive startup to take advantage of new rules to raise funds. Sondors is using equity crowdfunding, “where a crowd of accredited an

Equity crowdfunding platform OurCrowd launches an early stage digital health fund

Israel-based equity crowdfunding platform OurCrowd is launching a sector specific fund fully focused on digital health -- touting it as Israel's first fund with such a focus. The fund, called OurCrowd

What regulation crowdfunding in the JOBS Act means to entrepreneurs and startups

The JOBS Act was signed into law by President Obama in 2012, allowing companies to acquire funding through online portals from non-accredited investors, which roughly accounts for 97 percent of the po

Moley takes to Seedrs to crowdfund future kitchens with robotic chef arms

The notion of a kitchen with a built in robot chef capable of whipping up a lobster bisque at the push of a button sounds like something out of Futurama. But it technically exists -- at least as a dem

Tilt dives into one-to-one payments

Here’s a sentence you might not have expected to read: a service built around crowdfunding is building in a one-to-one payments option in what might be one of the most increasingly crowded space

BrewDog brewery raising $50M from the crowd to secure U.S. expansion

With plans for a new brewery and aggressive expansion in the biggest craft beer market in the world, Scottish brewery BrewDog* turned to BankRoll to raise investment to, er, bankroll its U.S. expansi

Games company Paradox Interactive raises $11.8M from the crowd

Paradox Interactive, best known for developing and publishing a series of popular games including Hearts of Iron, Stellaris and Europa Universalis, today announced it raised more than $11.8m from t

Invesdor raises another $1.4m to expand equity crowdfunding in Europe

Equity crowdfunding continues to be a hot topic around the world, with a number of players new and old re-doubling their efforts to capture the wallets of investors everywhere. The most recent example

Equity crowdfunding is now legal, but don’t expect anything to change just yet

Equity crowdfunding is now legal in the United States. Four years in the making, Title III of the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act (JOBS) finally entered into force on May 16. Prior to this, the ma

Equity crowdfunding is dead

No one will be talking about crowdfunding in five years. The term is inherently flawed; it focuses on the wrong side of any investment: the donor/investor. And it’s become too broad to be meaningful

Why Britain is beating the U.S. at financial innovation

Legislation allowing ordinary American investors to invest in the shares of startups and small businesses was first introduced in the U.S. Congress in 2011. Despite bipartisan support and the approval

Kickstarter Needs Better Ways To Sanity-Check Complex Hardware Projects, Says Zano Review

At the back end of last year, it emerged that crowdfunding platform Kickstarter had commissioned a freelance journalist to report on the collapse of a high profile U.K.-based drone project that was al

Alibaba Rival JD.com Launches Crowdfunding Site For Startups

China’s largest e-commerce companies are eager to leverage their millions of users and hoards of data for new projects. For example, Alibaba’s other businesses include healthcare management, finan
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