• Epson to mass-produce world's first HTPS-TFT panel

    Epson today in Japan said it has begun mass-production of the world’s first HTPS-TFT panel (press release in English) boasting WUXGA resolution (1,920 x 1,200 pixels). HTPS stands for high-temperature polysilicon. The company is said to be investing heavily into this technology. Read More

  • Epson R-D1 digital rangefinder camera comes back from the dead

    Epson today announced a new(ish) camera with a digital rangefinder [JP]. The very pretty R-D1xG, an update to the R-D1 (the first digital rangefinder camera ever made) and RD-1s, respectively, will ship in Japan on April 9 for $2,000. It’s unknown at this point when the camera will be released outside Japan. Read More

  • Epson's Na01 Endeavor mini netbook gets new color and price

    Epson today in Japan announced the Na01 Endeavor Mini White [JP], a variation of a netbook the company released in Nippon back in November. It’s unknown whether the white or the older black model will ever be available in the rest of the world. Read More

  • Epson intos the tiny, Blu-ray pack'n PC ST120 computer

    This could possible be the answer to dwellers of shoe-box sized apartments looking for a full-featured HTPC. Check it: a Core 2 Due P8400 CPU, 1GB of RAM (upgrade that), up to 320GB HDD, a digital TV tuner, HDMI-out and a Blu-ray burner. What more can you want from a computer smaller than a toaster? Throw an external hard drive on there for more storage space and you’ll have the… Read More

  • Epson Japan rolls out Hello Kitty notebook

    First NEC’s model, then Onkyo’s and now it’s time for Epson to release a Hello Kitty laptop [JP]. The devices are only available in Japan, where they will be exclusively sold online starting December 10. The Hello Kitty notebook is based on Epson’s Endeavor NJ2150. Buyers can choose between a combo model ($1,200) and a so-called super-multi version ($1,500). Both… Read More

  • EH-TW4000: Epson adds high-end model to its Dreamio projector line-up

    Epson Japan today announced the EH-TW4000 [JP], a high-end projector in the company’s Dreamio series, which will hit stores in Nippon November 28. These are the main specs: Full HD resolution based on a new “D7/C2FINE” panel, a brightness of 1,600 lumens, a contrast ratio of 75,000 to 1 with “DEEPBLACK technology” for an improved black level and HDMI 1.3a support… Read More

  • Epson intros entry-level 720p projector, Home Cinema 700

    At $800 the Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 700 projector isn’t bad, but it’s not great either. It’s an entry-level projector so we’ll keep that in mind. The 700 can throw up a 270-inch image with a resolution of 720p and 2000:1 contrast ratio. The light output is 2000 lumens and life expectancy is estimated at 4000 hours in low light and 3000 hours in high light output mode. Read More

  • Review: Epson Artisan 800 All-in-One

    When I took on the task of reviewing printers I worried that I’d be so bored that I’d fall asleep at the keyboard, leading to a review full of jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjllllllllllllllllllllmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm and a keyboard full of slobber. Luckily, the Epson Artisan 800 kept me awake and excited and, dare I say it, enthused about the state of printers. Read More

  • Epson jumps on the crowded netbook bandwagon

    Ho-hum, another netbook. Does every CE manufacturer need to make one of these sub-laptops? Seriously. This time it’s Epson trying to generate some buzz with the above coming soon banner. The specs for the MiniNote have been released and they are just like every other netbook on the market.    XP Home SP3 ATOM N270 (1.60GHz) 10.2” WSVGA screen (1024 x 600) 945GSE Express… Read More

  • Epson 1080p PowerLite Home Cinema 6100

    Today Epson announced a new sub-$2000 projector. The 3LCD 1080p front projector provides full 1920 x 1080 progressive high definition resolution. Using Epson’s latest-generation D7 high definition resolution LCD technology, the Home Cinema 6100 provides an improved 18,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio delivering brighter and more accurate whites and darker blacks. The projector will be… Read More

  • New Epson PowerLite Pro Cinema 7100 and 7500 UB Projectors

    Epson’s two new top-of the-line projectors, the Pro Cinema 7100 and 7500 UB were announced today at CEDIA 2008. Both feature true 1080p (1,920 x 1,080 pixels) resolution and use 3LCD chips with D7 technology to deliver substantially higher contrast and brightness. The Pro Cinema 7100 has an 18,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, while the Pro Cinema 7500 UB has brighter whites and darker blacks… Read More

  • I want my 3D TV!

    At IFA today many companies are showing off their attempts at 3D TV. Most of the displays being shown are not yet designed for home use, and instead are being positioned as business applications: in-store signage and advertising, architecture and CAD displays, and prototype user interfaces. Most of the televisions require no glasses, and produce a reasonable 3D display. In the displays… Read More

  • Epson EC-01 is a recyclable printer

    Epson’s EC-01 inkjet printer is the flagship product in their new Environmental Vision 2050 initiative: it’s shipped in an unpainted recycled cardboard box, the manual is printed on recycled paper, and the included driver CD is stored within an envelope made of recycled paper.  But what really sets this printer apart is that you don’t replace the ink: when the cartridge… Read More

  • Epson upgrades projector line with MovieMate 55

    Epson today expanded on their MovieMate line with the MovieMate 55. Glancing over the specs, I can’t say it’s a marked improvement over the last one, but I don’t care; I still want one. So the new one you’re looking at up there not only has a brighter light, but it is also a hundred bucks cheaper. Which makes this sweet combo projector even sweeter. Available in… Read More

  • Epson announces something other than printers (and they're really cool)

    Oh, Epson, it’s been a long time since I’ve paid any attention to you since I no longer own a printer anymore. But you certainly surprised me today with the announcement of the P-6000 and P-7000 multimedia photo viewer. A four-inch VGA LCD with a four-color filter system gives you the best damn viewable image possible with over 16.7 million colors and runs the Adobe RGB color gamut… Read More

  • Review: Epson Home Cinema 1080 UB

    Last spring I reviewed Epson’s PowerLite Home Cinema 1080 and looking back on that earlier review I was impressed with the quality and price point ($2999) of that unit. This year Epson sent me the new version, the Home Cinema 1080UB. UB stands for Ultra Black and this projector is also priced at $2999. So the question one would ask is: how… Read More

  • DemystifyingDigital: New & Easy Printers

    DemystifyingDigital is a new feature written by Dan Havlik, editor of

    Printers are the kind of devices you usually ignore until there’s something wrong with them. And with how poorly made and unnecessarily difficult most printers are to use, there’s often something wrong with them. (“PC Load Letter error” anyone?) The following are three… Read More

  • Epson Ensemble Home Theater System: For Movie Buffs With Tyrannical Landlords

    Epson was also in town last week (who wasn’t? LOL!) showing off its wares and the biggest, both in size and in potential scope, was its Ensemble home theater system. It combines a set of Atlantic speakers and a 1080p Epson projector. The left-, right- and center-channel speakers are built into the piece that also holds the powered, retractable screen. The rear surrounds are built into… Read More

  • Epson Perfection V200 Photo Scanner: 3D Object Scannnig for $99

    Stand-alone photo scanners like Epson’s just released Perfection V200 are great for folks who used film cameras during the stone age to take pictures. Whereas those of us who reached full statue during the digital camera boom have less use for them, others could do far worse than this Epson offering. Its 4800 dpi resolution should hold up just fine even when scanning images at the… Read More

  • Epson R380 Ultra HD Photo Printer Review

    The Epson R380 is an Ultra Hi-Definition photo printer that relies on some of the same technologies used by professional photo printers. The R380s is the mid-range in Epson’s HD photo printer line with the R260 on the lower end and the RX580 at the top of the line. Slightly less than 16 pounds, the R380 is approximately 18 inches wide, 21 inches deep and just over 11 inches high and has… Read More