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WhatsApp now lets you post ephemeral messages that disappear after 7 days

Facebook recently announced that WhatsApp passed the whopping milestone of 100 billion messages sent per day, but not everyone wants those chats to stick around forever. Now, Facebook’s wildly p

Instagram prototypes Snapchat-style disappearing text messages

Instagram is finally preparing to copy Snapchat’s most popular feature, and one of the few it hasn’t already cloned. Instagram has prototyped an unreleased ephemeral text messaging feature

WhatsApp could wreck Snapchat again by copying ephemeral messaging

WhatsApp already ruined Snapchat’s growth once. WhatsApp Status, its clone of Snapchat Stories, now has 450 million daily active users compared to Snapchat’s 188 million. That’s desp

Polygram detects facial reactions to shared photos

What if you could see if your Instagrams made people happy, surprised or disgusted? That's just one of the innovative features of new photo-sharing social network Polygram. Using facial detection, Pol

Messaging app Telegram adds unsend feature

Disappearing messages don't impress security professionals, given how flimsy a privacy protection they offer, but despite an inherently fickle form the feature keeps recurring on comms platforms.

Signal gets disappearing messages — but for tidiness, not privacy

Messaging app Signal is proud to be end-to-end encrypted, and privacy is their watchword — but its new ephemeral messages aren't being billed as tools to that end, and nor should they be.

Snapchat is raising more money around $20 billion valuation

Snapchat may have first made its name in the crowded world of mobile apps with an ephemeral messaging service, but the startup and its wildly popular app are not disappearing anywhere soon. TechC

Facebook Messenger Is Experimenting With Disappearing Messages

Facebook Messenger is testing out self-destructing messages. Currently available for some users in France, the feature allows people to send messages that vanish in an hour. BuzzFeed first reported th

Ephemeral Vs. Perpetual Messaging: Thinking Outside The Timeline

If you are following the battle of the short messaging systems, you might think it is a one-dimensional contest between the systems that maintain your chat history for all time – like Twitter and Fa

ArmorText Raises $2 Million For Its Secure Mobile Messaging Service For Enterprise

A company called ArmorText, which is developing a secure messaging client for the enterprise designed to meet the needs of those in regulated markets, has just raised nearly $2 million in outside fu

Snapchat Raising A New Round From KPCB At A $10B Valuation

The rumors are flying around vanishing messaging app Snapchat, both on and off Secret. These rumors hold that Microsoft and Snapchat are in acquisition talks, though we can't really grok why they woul

Pluto Mail Lets You Set An Expiration Time For Your Emails

Pluto Mail describes itself as "the Snapchat of email," but the handy site does more than just make your messages disappear. It also lets you edit your emails before they are opened, see if they have

Confide Brings Its Enterprise Ephemeral Messaging App To Android

There was just one problem with Confide -- for the last several months since launch, the app was only available on iPhone. Which means that if you wanted to have your conversations disappear with some

Want More Privacy In Your App? Wickr Resells Its Encryption, Self-Destructing Tech To Other Apps

<a target="_blank" href="https://www.mywickr.com">Wickr</a>, one of the wave of messaging apps built on the idea of private, encrypted and self-destructing data, has vowed never to make money off its

With An Extra Focus On Security, Glimpse Joins The Ephemeral Messaging Battle

Here comes another app which hopes to make messaging safe and secure, called Glimpse. The app, which enables users to quickly, easily, and securely share photo and video messages with each other, seek

Ephemeral Messaging App Frankly Updated To Give Users More Control Over Their Text

Spurred on by the intense popularity of Snapchat, it seems like everyone's making an app with self-destructing messages these days. Or if you're not making a standalone messaging app, you're adding me

Meet Leo, The Lightweight New Way To Send Self-Destructing Messages

The idea behind Leo is to provide an ultra-lightweight platform for one-on-one and group conversations. The fact that its message disappear will cause some to draw comparisons between it and all the o

Secret.li Lets You Photobomb Facebook Friends With Self-Destructing Snaps That Last An Hour, A Week Or A Month

Blink and you'll miss it. That's the point of ephemeral messaging. But regardless of its brevity digital stuff that self-destructs is gaining in popularity. Witness the rise of Snapchat. Well, here's

Facebook’s High-Stakes Poker Game

<b>Editor's note:</b> <em>Antone Johnson is a startup lawyer specializing in early-stage consumer Internet and location-based businesses.</em> Facebook has been accused of creating a slavish