E Ink’s latest color displays have me dreaming of electronic paper magazines

There’s still nothing quite like thumbing the pages of a real-life print magazine, but the latest evolution of E Ink’s color tech is creeping tantalizingly close — at least as far as my

E Ink brings rich color to ePaper, but not to e-readers

E Ink, maker of the ePaper displays found in many e-readers (maddening to have three different e prefixes in one sentence, but it's unavoidable), announced a brand new type of reflective display that

Epson And E Ink Show 9.7-Inch ePaper With 2,400 x 1,650 Resolution

<img src="http://www.crunchgear.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/e-ink.jpg" /> <a href="http://search.beta.techcrunch.com/query.php?s=e-paper">Electronic paper</a> as a technology somehow evolves relati

CEATEC 2008: Fujitsu presents Kindle "killer" Flepia (video)

http://blip.tv/play/ih_Q6jmJ5FQ Fujitsu‘s booth at this year’s CEATEC is not really the most spectacular one but they are showcasing their Amazon Kindle competitor FLEPIa, an e-reader, whi