The Future Is African

This is a call to action for the dreamers of the world. Imagine being in a market where more people live in a high-speed mobile Internet zone than have electricity. The innovative thinking that has de

Three Tips For Worker Classification For The Next On-Demand Startup

While Uber and TaskRabbit have become household names, and the on-demand economy continues to boom, the problem of worker classification continues to bedevil companies in the on-demand marketplace. Fo

Your First 10 Customers Can Make Or Break You

Early in a startup’s life, the main focus is building the right product for the right market. For most B2B startups, this is the period when you start winning your first 10 customers. These 10 custo

Keen On…Top Dogs: What Finger Length Tells Us About Entrepreneurial Success

Success can be determined by measuring the length of our index finger in comparison to our ring finger, Bronson told me about the research behind <em>Top Dog</em>. But that's not the only conclusion a

The Long Hard Road To The Edge

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