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Enterprise social comes roaring back

You’ll be forgiven if you missed it, but lost in the avalanche of this year’s tech news, enterprise social¬†software made an impressive comeback. Led by products like Slack, Workplace by F

Workplace by Facebook begins to take shape

Workplace by Facebook has been in general release for just two months now, but it's clear that Facebook has big plans for its enterprise social product. Just this week, at TechCrunch Disrupt in London

SAP Melds Social And Learning In New Tool

For many years, we’ve had social tools and formal learning management systems, but we have never really had anything that combined the two — until today, that is when SAP announced a new s

Jive Chime Wants to Ring Slack’s Bell With New Real-Time Messaging App

Jive¬†Software announced the general release of Jive Chime today, a real-time messaging app that could well be a buzz across Slack’s bow — and an attempt to modernize an aging platform Whe

Facebook Where? The Enterprise Reacts To Facebook At Work

Facebook released a public pilot of its long-awaited enterprise social app called Facebook at Work today, but will businesses actually want to use it? Enterprise Social as a category has been with

FoKo Expands “Enterprise Instagram” Product To Desktop

FoKo, the enterprise photo sharing applications that gives companies a private Instagram-like experience, has announced a new desktop version to share items such as CAD drawings, which might not be av