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TechCrunch+ Roundup: How to buy AI, ‘permissionless’ pilots, new VC disclosure rules

Founders want to know what new technology can do, but an investor is much more likely to ask about which specific problems it solves.

‘All-in-one’ sales tech platform FlashIntel raises $10 million

As businesses brace for a slowing global economy, they are seeking avenues to streamline budgets, including trimming their SaaS expenses. Sales tech, in particular, is known for being fragmented with

3 questions CISOs expect you to answer during a security pitch

Based on our experience, these are the important questions we see smart security founders answering in their pitches.

The rise of product-led sales, or why product-led growth requires a sales makeover

When the customer relationship starts with the product rather than ending with it, what does it mean for sales teams?

In a turbulent market, it’s time to get methodical about sales

During an economic downturn, it’s easy to focus on negative headlines, but revenue teams still have targets to meet. How do you drive accountability at a time when every sale matters?

In uncertain times, B2B sales teams must put value front and center

Focusing on the customer and taking the long-term view is always a good sales strategy. But in times of economic uncertainty, this approach becomes essential.

How to combine PLG and enterprise sales to improve your funnel

If a hybrid GTM strategy makes sense for your organization, here are some tips on how to execute it effectively.

6 ways to make sure your startup is using the right GTM model

In a downturn, getting the timing and evolution of a GTM model right relative to the maturity of a business can make the business and getting it wrong can break it.

3 ways to optimize SaaS sales in a downturn

There’s tremendous opportunity in a recession for growing revenue. But first, you have to fundamentally change the way you approach sales.

To achieve enterprise sales success, tailor your approach to CIOs

Here's what CIOs look for in solutions -- and how you can tailor your sales approach accordingly.

Selling into the enterprise: How Slack and other startups get it wrong

One of the key timing decisions as a startup may be one you aren’t even considering: When to approach the enterprise. If you aren’t debating that now, chances are you’re overlooking a big opport

Founded by a Freshworks alum, sales commission platform Everstage gets $1.7M seed funding

For sales representatives, commissions are a source of motivation — and frustration, too. Commission structures are often complex and become even more labyrinthine as companies grow. “There is a s

Winning enterprise sales teams know how to persuade the Chief Objection Officer

Identifying and supporting anti-champions during the sales cycle helps enterprise software startups close more deals.

How to move from VP of Sales to CRO with leading exec recruiter David Ives

It wasn’t so long ago that sales meant just showing up with a deck and a smile. These days, it seems that sales leaders almost need a PhD in statistics just to get through the typical day managing a

The 3 biggest sales mistakes enterprise software companies make

For early- to mid-stage B2B software and SaaS companies, selling in to the enterprise is hard. Getting enterprise customers to pay for your solution on a repeated and long-term basis without seeing yo

The Forgotten Secrets Of The Enterprise Giants: Virality, Word Of Mouth, And Other Radical Experiments

<b>Editor's note:</b><em>David Barrett is founder and CEO of Expensify.</em> I would strongly encourage everybody who competes with Expensify to study Roman Stanek's latest article, "Forget Viral

Want The Best Enterprise Software? “Date” It

<b>Editor's note:</b> <em>Mikkel Svane is CEO and co-founder of Zendesk.</em> It’s hard to imagine the time when you couldn’t date anyone you liked. Cultural barriers got in the way. Your acces