• Google Reader Makes A More Visual Play

    Google launched a new service today in from its Labs called Google Reader Play. It is a more visual way to browse through the most popular items being saved and shared on Google Reader. When you launch it, you are presented with a large photo, video, or text excerpt on the main part of the screen, and can flip through by clicking on arrows or selecting an item from the filmstrip at the bottom… Read More

  • Tumblr Adds a Real-Time Wire And A MarketPlace For Designers

    Microblogging service Tumblr is introducing a few new features today. My favorite is the Tumblr Wire, which is replacing the popular page. Tumblr Wire is a discovery page that shows a constantly-updating stream of images moving across a grid. Each image links to a Tumblog that was updated recently. The selections are random and photo-heavy, but it also highlights text in a big, fancy font. … Read More