FTX exposure hits market makers and funds

Information reviewed by TechCrunch indicates that market makers and funds that lost money on FTX are more numerous than previously anticipated.

Bletchley Park, birthplace of the computer, faces uncertain future after pandemic hits income

Bletchley Park is an English country house that became the principal centre of Allied code-breaking during the Second World War. It built the world’s first programmable digital electronic comput

Computing pioneer and LGBT icon Alan Turing will grace the £50 note in 2021

Alan Turing, one of the pioneering figures in modern computing, and also a tragic one in LGBT history, will soon appear on the U.K.'s £50 note. He was selected from a shortlist of scientists and brig

Bidding for this like-new Enigma Machine starts at $200,000

If you're feeling flush this week, then perhaps instead of buying a second Bugatti you might consider picking up this lightly used Enigma Machine. These devices, the scourge of the Allies in World War

ConsenSys, Enigma, Monaco, EximChain and Benetech join TechCrunch’s blockchain event

Let’s talk events… TechCrunch events: we’re confirming five more names for our upcoming blockchain show on July 6. Joe Lubin, a co-founder of Ethereum and the founder of ConsenSys,

Enigma will refund ICO investors who lost $500,000 to scammers

Enigma, the investment platform that is preparing for an ICO next month, confirmed today that it will refund members of its community who lost money after a scammer compromised its social accounts. Ar

Build Your Own Bletchley Park With This Kickstarted Enigma Clone

If you invest in an open-source, crowd-funded Enigma machine today, make it <a target="_blank" href="https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/438986934/the-open-enigma-project">this one.</a> Created by S&

Enigma Raises $4.5M To Help Plumb The Depths And Derive Insights From Public Data

NYC startup and TechCrunch Battlefield winner Enigma has raised $4.5 million in Series A funding, the company has revealed today. The new round was led by Comcast Ventures, and includes participation

Enigma Launches A New Developer Program That Gives API Access To Civic-Minded Hackers

It's been a very busy few months since the Enigma team took home the <a href="https://techcrunch.com/2013/04/30/enigma-makes-unearthing-and-sifting-through-public-data-a-breeze/">Disrupt Cup back in N

SARAH Lets You Request Information From 21 Government Agencies At The Same Time

The federal government collects gobs and gobs of data on people, and thanks to a little something called the Freedom of Information Act, people can make requests to liberate some of it. It sounds simp

6 Experts on Speeding Up Data

Speed. That’s what it’s all about these days. The problem: it’s still more effective to use FedEx than trying to squeeze a data load across a network. It’s an absurd reality when it requires a

And The Winner Of TechCrunch Disrupt NY 2013 Is… Enigma!

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner. This year’s crop of Disrupt NY Battlefield startups has been one of our strongest yet, but out of the 30 that entered the fray only seven would go on to t

The 7 Disrupt NY Finalists: Enigma, Floored, Glide, Handle, HealthyOut, SupplyShift And Zenefits

More than 2,000 people have filled up the historic Manhattan Center with our biggest hackathon and Startup Alley yet, and a set of incisive discussions with tech leaders. Now it's time for the battle

Enigma Makes Unearthing And Sifting Through Public Data A Breeze

There's a sea of interesting public data out there just waiting to be tapped into, but there's a problem -- most people have no earthly idea how to access it. And even if they're able to make some hea

Turn A Kid's Toy Into An Enigma Machine

<img src="http://www.crunchgear.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/Hooking-up-The-Keyboard-and-Screen-to-the-Arduino.jpeg" alt="" />Whether you're fighting off the Nazis in wartime Poland or fighting off

Original Enigma Machine For Sale

Currently priced at a bit over $20,000, this real German Enigma machine is apparently in full working order and only needs “bulbs,” presumably for the internal display. The Enigma machine