• NTT-IP Invests $1 Million In New Partner EnglishCentral

    NTT Investment Partners and EnglishCentral have formed an alliance to further online English language training in Japan. The partnership also means a $1 million investment from NTT Partners into the cloud-based ESL platform. EnglishCentral users watch and interact with online videos, and receive feedback based on their performance. The NTT Group’s primary business is as as broadband… Read More

  • Backed By Google Ventures, EnglishCentral Raises $3.5 Million For Video Language Learning

    Video language learning website EnglishCentral recently raised a total of $3.5 million, according to an SEC filing. Part of that funding was $1.38 million from a previous convertible debt round, making the amount raised in the current series A financing $2.1 million. EnglishCentral is backed by Google Ventures and Atlas Venture. The fact that Google Ventures was the lead investor in a… Read More