Video games now seen as ruining English children's literacy rates

More doom and gloom news as it relates to video games. People are freaking out in England because their position in the World Reading League Table dropped several places, which means English kids can&

Mobile-pay trial in London; Japan laughs at the primitive cavemen

If you’ve ever been to London, you’ve taken the Tube, and if you’ve taken the Tube, you probably got yourself an Oyster Card, that convenient wireless super-ticket. Well, those crazy

English goalkeeper blames video games for failure to qualify for European Championship

Pic via IGN. Duh. Video games make you violent, video games cause global warming, blah blah. Every day, some bonehead gives games a bad rap. Today that bonehead is Robert Green, a goalkeeper for West

Invisible tank: pie-in-the-sky BS or total and utter malarkey?

Artist’s rendition of your last acid trip. Every few years someone pulls out the old “project the scene behind the object onto the object” trick to make something ostensibly invisibl

GAME store employee caught stealing PS3 for some reason

If you’re a trainee manager at a video game store, and you really, really want a PS3, then you shouldn’t be working at a video game store in the first place should wait until you’re

Soccer Gadgets Just In Time For The FA Cup

This Saturday is the FA Cp final over in Ingerland, when newly crowned EPL champions Manchester United face Chelsea, whose coach was just arrested because his dog is crazy. Something dog-related at an

British Flame War Becomes Violent, "Web-Rage" to Blame

Proffering up NSFW insults in a chat room is part of being on the Internet to many people, including the editors of this publication, but “flame wars” are meant to be online, and that is a