• EcoMotors Revs Its Engine With $23.5 Million Series B Funding From Bill Gates And Khosla Ventures

    EcoMotors announced today a $23.5 million series B funding round from Khosla Ventures and Bill Gates that the company will use to build and test its eco-friendly engine, known as an Opposed Piston Opposed Cylinder (OPOC) engine. EcoMotors makes engines that run on diesel or gasoline but have greater power density, weigh less and produce lower carbon emissions than conventional engines. Read More

  • Engine on a Chip

    A group of industrious MIT researchers have developed a tiny gas-turbine engine that fits inside a silicon chip measuring about the size of a quarter. The system is said to be able to run 10 times longer than a similarly weighted battery. The engine’s turbines spin at 20,000 RPS to produce 10 watts of power. The researchers expect to start testing the engines in in various electronic… Read More