Engineering management may be the most unnatural act of all

When it comes to software engineering, that management is best which manages least -- to borrow Thoreau’s quip about government. While it’s rarely as easy as nodding at a brilliant developer and g

Do Software Engineers Get Enough Respect?

"For software engineers, life must seem like it keeps getting better," cheerleads CNet. Glassdoor agrees: our median salary is now $85K, and six figures in San Francisco. And everyone predicts that de

Opbeat Nets $2.7M From Facebook, Instagram Founders And More To Give Developers A Control Center For “Web Ops”

While it's apparently becoming easier and easier to become a developer -- judging, at least, by the number of "learn to code!" platforms popping up by the month -- the role of a lead developer and eng

The Technical Interview Is Dead (And No One Should Mourn)

Allow me just a little self-congratulation. Two years ago I wrote "<a href="">Why The New Guy Can't Code</a>," about my contempt for th

Square Open Sources Squash, Its Internal Bug Analysis Tool For Developers

For all of you developers out there, you know how difficult it is to manage all of the bugs that pop up in the code that you push on a daily basis. Sometimes, you just don’t know when things wil

Valley to Detroit: Motor City Woos Laid-Off Yahoo Employees

Last week, Yahoo announced that it would <a href="">cut 2,000 jobs</a>. Given the employee shortage in S

Japan is running out of engineers!

Looks like Japan is running out of engineers, the guys who design all the neat high-tech toys (among other things) so many of us fawn over. And you can blame “Western” ideology for the sho

Order this beer pong table NOW!!!

I played a lot of beer pong and flipper in college. It was fun, but it got a little unsanitary when people forgot to wash the balls after each throw. Drinking beer with whatever filth is on the table

Palm Hires iPod/Finder Programmer

High on a desert plateau, Apple’s headquarters bristles with sensors and weapons systems. They let scientists in but they don’t let them out. Turner is a mercenary, a corporate extraction