engineer guy

  • A Clever Video Primer On Fiber Optic Cables

    The Engineer Guy is back and ready to break down the magic of sending data over strands of glass by using a bucket and a laser pointer. Awesome, right? Read More

  • The Engineer Guy Breaks Down An LCD Monitor, Informatively

    We all know basically how an LCD works — there’s a backlight, there are pixels, sub-pixels, and so on. But I was unaware of the polarizing crystals and the reasoning behind top-down refreshes. Bill Hammack from the U of Illinois (and one of my favorite video bloggers right now) shows us what’s what in this great video. One thing that was not made clear: what about the… Read More

  • The Engineer Guy Explains The Wonder That Is Your Average Light Bulb

    It may be that filament-based bulbs are on their way out, what with CFLs and LED bulbs taking over, but there’s still a lot to appreciate about the classic tungsten bulb. Apart from how reliable it’s been for the last century, this type of bulb is kind of an engineering win in how the tungsten filament is made. As always, Bill Hammack’s videos are succinct, interesting… Read More

  • Video: The Engineer Guy Explains How Quartz Watches Work

    Quartz watches are one of the little marvels of our age, the kind of thing you have around you at all times but don’t realize, and rely on without knowing it. I had a vague idea of how they worked (quartz crystal, current, resonance), but The Engineer Guy goes into a little more detail and mentions a few things that are truly interesting. Check out the video inside. Read More

  • Inside A Vintage Black Box Recorder

    If you are one of those who appreciates interesting old technology, this video should be right up your alley. I always actually wondered how black box recorders worked before the digital age (indeed, I still wonder how many survive crashes), and this great explanation makes a lot of sense. Read More