Energy Saving

  • Facebook, NRDC & Opower To Partner On Energy-Saving Social App

    Facebook, NRDC & Opower To Partner On Energy-Saving Social App

    Facebook, the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and clean tech startup Opower are today announcing a partnership on a new social networking-based energy application that will help consumers monitor, improve and compare their home’s energy usage with their friends and other Facebook users. The app, designed to improve energy awareness, has the potential to combine the 800… Read More

  • Belkin Conserve lets you know if you left the refrigerator running, tells you to go catch it

    We all know something needs to happen to deal with the future of energy. Simple things such as leaving home electronics on contribute to more than 100 billion kilowatt hours of electricity wasted. While it can be easy to forget that a device is on or that it is even drawing electricity, Belkin is saying it’s important and is offering up a few products that will make sure to help. Read More

  • Funai claims major leap in LCD display technology

    Outdated? Funai Electric Advanced Applied Technology Research Institute, a wholly owned subsidiary of Japanese electronics company Funai (Sylvania, Symphonic, Emerson) has developed a reflective display that, unlike existing reflective LCDs, doesn’t need a backlight. The company claims their display uses 0.16MW of electricity per square centimeter, which translates back to just 1% of… Read More

  • Kanguru's Power-saving Portable Hard Drives

    Kanguru, best known for its line of portable storage devices, has developed a power-saving hard drive capable of operating at only 10 percent of normal energy consumption while not in use. If you’re in the market for an external drive to fill with files that you only need to access every now and again, this might be an enticing option. With its three built in Power Saving modes, the… Read More