Felicis, Lux Capital and Upfront Ventures tackle TAM at Disrupt

Perception is everything — especially when it comes to the value of software startups and total addressable markets (TAM). During 2020 and 2021, as COVID bit into the economy, tech products turned o

Endgame grabs another cash infusion as product-led growth momentum builds

Endgame connects the dots between product usage and sales opportunities to put employees in the driver's seat of the software they like to use instead of a top-down approach.

Product-led sales startup Endgame raises over $17M

Endgame, enabling software companies to turn customer observations into go-to-market strategies, raised a total of $17 million raised in back-to-back seed and Series A funding rounds.

Elastic adds endpoint security to its expanding toolset

Elastic acquired Endgame Security in June for $234 million, and as a result of that deal, today the company announced Elastic Endpoint security to help customers secure laptops and servers. It also an

With Chandrayaan-2 launch, India’s ISRO shoots for the Moon on a shoe-string budget

India took a giant leap in its space program on Monday after its space agency launched a spacecraft that is scheduled to touch down on the Moon in September. The Indian Space Research Organization (IS

Endgame Raises Another $23M To Take Its Gov’t Security Solutions To A Wider Commercial Market

The rise in cybercrime, malware and other malicious hacking is seeing a subsequent rise in the fortunes of tech startups that are setting out to fight it. Today, cybercrime solution specialist <a targ

Endgame Systems Raises $29M, Debuts Web-Based Malware Detection Service

<img src="http://www.techcrunchit.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/endgame.jpg" class="shot2" /> Cybersecurity solutions provider <a href="http://www.endgamesystems.com/">Endgame Systems</a> has <a hre