Employee Equity

  • The Case For A Large Founding Team Crunch Network

    The Case For A Large Founding Team

    It is common wisdom nowadays that a founding team consisting of 2–3 founders is ideal. Doing it solo is simply too hard. Founder burnout is an imminent possibility, and statistics are simply not on your side. Until recently, the most common formula for a startup’s founding team was the MBA and techie duo. In recent years, there’s been a shift toward a three-member formula. Read More

  • Startups And The Big Lie

    Startups And The Big Lie

    A startup is hemorrhaging cash, and the VCs have yet to agree on terms for a capital infusion. The clock is ticking until deadpool, first weeks away then days. The founders, stress levels increasing to stratospheric levels, continue to sell their company to everyone, whether investors, employees, potential employees, or clients. They have little choice. Funding is contingent on growth, but… Read More