Edtech startups flock to the promise and potential of personalized learning

The rise of remote instruction left many parents freshly aware of (and annoyed by) the shortcomings of Zoom school, but for Letha McLaren, COVID-19 brought an epiphany: the importance of a headset.

Curious to crack the neural code? Listen carefully

Perhaps for the first time ever, our noggins have stolen the spotlight from our hips. The media, popular culture, science and business are paying more attention to the brain than ever. Billionaires w

Accenture, can I ask you a few questions?

Hey Accenture, are you aware that your PR firm is pitching your latest corporate beta for a creepy face and emotion-monitoring algorithm as a party trick?

Veeso wants to share your smiles and eye-rolls in VR

First-time VR experiences seem to bring about a pretty wide variety of emotional reactions¬†from the people who try it, but right now there aren’t too many ways to actually convey how you’

Canvs Raises $5.6M To Help TV Networks Track Viewers’ Emotions

Canvs is a startup measuring emotion on social media, but CEO Jared Feldman insisted that we shouldn't think of it as a social sentiment company. He said that's because existing tools for measuring

UK Data Protection Watchdog Probes Legality Of Facebook’s Emotion Study

Facebook's attempt to learn whether the type of content users of its service are exposed to affects their mood or not has landed it into plentiful hot water this week. The latest development in the un

The Economics Of Emotion

The most recent <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K-4THnOdk3I&feature=pyv/">commercial for the BMW i3 and i8 concept cars</a> is a great example of something enlightened marketers have known

Emotion Learning Robots

They are being programmed to take sensory input and adapt responses accordingly. The researcher in charge of the operation says the behavior will be something akin to babies learning from external sti