EMI's First DRM-free Release: The Good, The Bad & The Queen

Yay! The first EMI album to be offered for download free of copy protection, or digital rights management (DRM), is now available. “The Good, The Bad & The Queen” can be downloaded in

You're All Idiots For Applauding The Apple/EMI Agreement Says Angry Inquirer Guy

The Inquirer‘s Charlie Demerjian thinks you’re all idiots (and dumb sheep and suckers…) for applauding the EMI anti-DRM stance announced yesterday. His main rationale is that you&#82

Apple and EMI Being Probed By EU

Those Europeans are fast! Just one whole day after Apple and EMI announced they’d be offering DRM-free tracks on the iTunes Music Store, the European Union comes in to crap all over Apple’

EMI Selling DRM-Free Music

Wow. Mere hours after April Fool’s Day — sorry, fanboys, for our attacks on your sacred cows yesterday — and we get work that Steve is hitting London-town to announce that EMI will s

iScape: Viral Douchery

I was about to go snarkstorm on this product, which is some sort of video player. Now that I look at it, however, it’s abundantly clear that it’s a bit of viral frippery. The real value, I

EMI Gives Up On DRM-Free MP3s and Us

I guess it was too good to be true. EMI is tucking its tail and sticking with DRM-burdened content. Of the “Big Four” music conglomerates we had some hope that EMI would turn the tide, but alas we

EMI In Talks To Sell DRM-free MP3s

Hot on the heels of Apple’s Steve Jobs asking the music labels to drop DRM requirements for selling their digital downloads, London-based EMI (the third-largest record company) has whole-hearted

Major Labels Trying Out DRM-Free MP3s

A lot of music lovers try to avoid purchasing CDs and digital downloads with copyright-protection schemes. These DRM methods restrict your ability and right to fair use. If you want to put that Journe