Emergent Ventures

Crux is building GenAI-powered business intelligence tools

GenAI might be one of the most exciting technologies today. But it’s also one of the fastest-moving — posing a challenge for enterprises keen to deploy it. With each new GenAI innovation,

Prezent.ai secures $20M to gamify deck presentations

When it comes to presentation creation, PowerPoint and Keynote remain the de facto tools by incumbent advantage. PowerPoint has more than 1 billion installs and 500 million users alone, thanks to Micr

BuyerAssist launches with $2M in funding to help B2B sales teams keep their buyers engaged

Selling enterprise software is much more complicated than convincing a potential customer that your solution is the best and signing a contract. A recent Gartner study found that buying groups for B2B

Delightree raises $3M to help franchise business owners simplify their operations

Owning one brick-and-mortar business seems complicated enough. But running multiple locations? For many owners, that’s a constant juggling act of phone calls, check lists and driving back and fo

Observe.AI raises $8M to use artificial intelligence to improve call centers

Being stuck on the phone with call centers is painful. We all know this.¬†Observe.AI is one company¬†that wants to make the experience more bearable, and it’s raised $8 million to develop an art