CrunchDeals: Scary-ass robotic Elvis for $59.99

Remember this thing? It used to cost adoring Elvis fans upwards of $350! Now even fence-sitters and hangers-on can get the WowWee Alive Singing Elvis robot for $59.99 with free shipping. This shoulder

CrunchDeals: Creepy WowWee Alive Elvis for $99

Who is going to buy one now that $250 have been knocked off? TOP 10 RANDOM (UNSUGGESTED) ALIVE ELVIS USES: 1. Ward of burglars with Elvis’ infrared sensors 2. Take the HOV lane to work with Elvis as

Nostalgia Overload: Singing, Talking Robotic Elvis

Elvis may have permanently left the building, but he never left some people’s hearts. If you’re one of those people, $300 will get you a creepy animatronic Elvis that “comes to life